Update day 6


S: 15st4lb G: 12st0lb
On my sixth day now and still doing ok. Its not easy but i really do like the feeling of less bloat and the feeling that i am back in control. Have definately lost weight but not an avid scale jumper as it can have a negative effect. I do my 200 g veg everyday roasted with chilli and served with spag bol. Its gorgeous and gives me something to look forward to all day.
I am not going to weigh until I have done two weeks, dont want disappointment that would deter me. Having done VLCD before I usually lose 12lbs first week I would be fed up if it were only 6 even though in reality thats great.
you all seem to be doing well. Keep up the good work. i have decided to make this diet as easy as I can veg everyday, a bit of milk in tea and a fourth packet if i need it. May slow down the weight loss a little but its more likely i will stick to it this way.
Exercise starts this week. Am abit of a fish sorry at the mo a whale !!. Going to hit the pool. x
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Well done bloater and all power to you if you can stay off the scales :). I'm a hopeless daily weighing addict. You will no doubt be doing great as you can see everyone here who has just started is doing really well too.

I have the veggies quite often too as it helps me stick to it. I always have it at weekends, roasted with chilli or paprika. I find the diet more difficult at weekends and this makes it easier for me. It's about finding the way that the diet works for you to help you stick to it without kicking yourself out of ketosis or upping the calories too much. I accept that some of the things I have may affect my losses more than if I have 3 straight shakes and nothing else but for me it's what makes this diet easier to stick with and not feel like a miserable chore. If I was on a 3 shakes per day diet I know I would have caved in by now.

Enjoy the swimming and I'm looking forward to seeing your WI results after 2 weeks!


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Sounds good , good luck and well done stayin goff the scales

I like to keep things as easy as possible to and I have my veg everyday and most days i have 4 packs , like you i know the loss will be slower but the thought of 3 packs a day and no veg makes me want to eat a whole packet of chocolate digestives lol

so keep plodding on and im sure you wont be dissapointed


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well done hun. i've not found this week easy, felt rough and run down and would of done anything for a mars bar to cheer me up but i've stuck to it and feel better today so hopefully week 2 will be easier. Keep up the good work x