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Update on Liver problems

I started a thread a few weeks ago advising people to be cautious before starting Lipotrim as I had been in hospital with raised liver function tests after being on Lipotrim for only a few weeks. The symptoms which caused me to go to the doctor in the first place were linked to the liver results. A lot of people replied to the thread advising that they could not possibly see how Lipotrim could cause all the symptoms that I was getting. Most were pleasant enough, but some were actually quite disparaging, suggesting that I was a crank. However I must now inform people that I have received a letter from the Consultant at the hospital where I was treated. After many tests and discussions with colleagues, he advises that the problems I was suffering were caused by the diet and not just a bad reaction to the diet. Obviously I am aware that I may be the only person in the country who would react in this way and I am very aware that there are many hundreds of people who are very happy with the diet, but I do feel that I have been vindicated and that my original warning was not wrong. I have met several people who had a problem with Lipotrim and the doctor's backing would appear to show there may be more to it.

Kind Regards,
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Hi Minsky, I hope your feeling much better now, having stopped LT. Obviously the best for your health is to quit LT if your consultant confirms there is a direct link between Lipotrim and liver complaints. I would be interested to hear what they said was the link between the two(though im not prying into your med condition) its certainly strange as there are plenty of people doing LT around the UK and even though your blood tests were fine before (were they looking specifically at your liver then?) If you hadnt mentioned you were on LT to him, what conclusion would your consultant come up with? - Im definatley not incinuating one bit that your issue isnt a direct link to LT and i thank you for highlighting a very serious concern. But i have had experience in the past of consultants saying its one thing especially as it was the easiest option to go for.
Listen all that counts is your health, you obviously need to lose weight just like the rest of us do, hence why you turned to LT; so whatever you do dont forget the main reason you started and i really hope you get better and back to good health soon x
Hi, hope your starting to feel better, i would as said above, be interested to know wat ur symptoms were..it might be helpful for people on here who may be experiencing similar things?. Good luck with ur recovery. xx


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Sorry to hear about your liver...can I ask how long you were on Lt before you got your symptoms? And had you had the tests before you started Lt so the doctors could compare????


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Minsky, unless you specify what these 'problems' with your liver are, the symptoms and the exact outcomes from the tests, I suggest you don't post again.

I have looked at your two other posts are they also lack detail, I understand you might be ill, but if you are serious in your allegations, you really need to have something that at least looks like it's credible.
Hi Minsky! Sorry your're under the weather.....hope you have a speedy recovery soon hun! I also hope that you continue on your weight loss journey and get to your target. Perhaps weight watchers would be the one for you. We all have to find the diet that suits us.

Best of luck with it. You are soooo unfortunate to have been affected in this way. It is all about finding what suits.....I have never felt better than when on LT. I also had all my bloods rechecked recently as I do have cholesterol probs and a few others. I now have the cholesterol level of an 18yr old! Yipee! My bloods all came back better than they have been in years.

But if you would share what your symptoms were I for one would be very grateful. I just think if ONE other person reads those symptoms and if they sound familiar and if they go to their doctor and have it checked then you will have done great good! But if you chose not to share them, then there is little or no point in you having posted. We ALL notice some symptoms whether headaches or tiredness or whatever. So for you just to say that you felt funny isn't much help for others.

If however you chose not to share then I wish you well on your journey. Take care!


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I agree with liberty. Im sorry to hear your ill but dont come on here and basically tell everyone that LT causes liver disease or problems or whatever it is. Its not fair to put this to people unless you can prove it with evidence. I love this diet and im carrying on with it and i really hope this doesn't stop other people. Again im sorry your ill.
I actually quite appreciate minsky's post, This forum is filled with ppl desperate enough to lose weight that they will do a diet that involves cutting out actual food altogether. Of course there are negative aspects to these diets. It is simply not sensible, I recognise this and i am one of those ppl. Instead of brainwashing myself that lipotrim is this pure and wholesome saviour of fat people, I want to know all possible effects -aside from impressive weight loss results -so that i can make an informed decision about how I tackle my weight problem. There is nothing offensive in minsky's post unless someone can be offended by another's point of view simply because it is not their own.

I am still starting LT in the morning and I know that any ill effects that may or may not occur are of my own doing. It is always good to know more than one side to something.

Thanks minsky and I hope all is getting better with you. Good Luck.
I agree with you Blackrose....I just wish Minsky would post more details so it would be more helpful.....
lol sara I was just about to post saying I agree with you that more details would be helpful so others can know what to look for.:D


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I just want some more info or proof from minsky instead of coming on here saying she has liver problems which has been caused by LT and we should all be careful!

I was put on this diet by my doctor and i get weighed every week at my doctors by the nurse who has been in charge of LT there for over 15 years. So if it was that dangerous why did the doctor put me on it?


I will do this!!!
The symptoms would be helpful i agree with that!
I don't think that Minsky is saying don't do lipotrim just to be aware that it made her ill. I think some people's replies seem rather vicious although I accept that if she described her symptoms more in depth they would be of more benefit to people.


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She says "I was suffering were caused by the diet and not just a bad reaction to the diet." so she is saying it was the diet. I just would like to hear the symptoms before she puts this on all the people who look at the forum.
I just want some more info or proof from minsky instead of coming on here saying she has liver problems which has been caused by LT and we should all be careful!

I was put on this diet by my doctor and i get weighed every week at my doctors by the nurse who has been in charge of LT there for over 15 years. So if it was that dangerous why did the doctor put me on it?
Hang on pizzle, WHY should minsky have to PROVE anything. She has just come on here saying her opinion. She is entitled to it. If people don't like what she has to say then fine, but she has a right to say it...

I too spoke to my Doc before doing this. She said she was not a lover of these diets with ketosis and a lot of the long term effects were not known yet, but I was 4-5 stone overweight. There was diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease strongly in my family and I was in an even higher risk category than most. BUT if I lost the weight I almost wiped out the risk of all of them. But she was quite clear it was a one off diet and not to be used as a way of controling my weight and going back on TFR every few months to lose what I put back on. It was to be followed by a healthy eating plan.

So I feel I am a big girl and can decide if I want to do it or not and I am capable of weighing up the pros and cons and seeing if it is good to do or not. There will always be a small number of people that will experience side effects to something. It is only if the number of people becomes unacceptably high would LT come into question.

A painkiller was taken off the market last year in Ireland. It had recorded 6 deaths from liver failure and another 6 people had liver transplants. The first death was recorded in something like 1996 but it was only taken off the market in 2007!!! That is normal!
I dont believe it is dangerous -in fact I was told by the pharmacist that LT was once only prescribed by docs. That said -I'm not about to freak out just because someone has voiced an opinion. Especially an ill detailed and vague opinion! If its everyone's main point that minsky hasn't given enough info then why are there knickers in a twist? We are all adults who make up our own minds.

Also -just to play Devil's advocate,because i do trust lipotrim -docs get things wrong you know. They used to dig holes in ppl's head to release pain ya now lol


I will do this!!!
Calm down. All i was saying was instead of coming on here and saying "im ill because of LT" she could have said "iv been feeling rought with blah, blah blah symptoms and the doc said it could be the diet........" instead of worrying everyone. Like i said my doctor would not have put me on this diet knowing i was going to be on it for at least 6 months if there was a chance of major problems. Lets just wait for minsky come back on here and tell us what the symptoms are and put everyones minds at rest!
She's not saying that it will effect everyone - it may not effect anyone else (as we don't quite know the actual symptoms) but if they've made her ill and be in hospital then she has a right to say that here.

I appeciate that some people can be quite evangelical when they find something that works for them but it doesn't mean that it'll work for everyone or that everyone can follow it.

She hasn't said don't do it to anyone - just be aware that it made her ill.
Some people seem to think that just because a doctor perscribes something or tells you to do it then it is 100% safe! No way.....A drug called Thalidamide (sp) was given to women for morning sickness. It had been researched and licenced as SAFE. But after some time doctors sat back scratching their heads wondering why were so many children being born with no limbs! Yep the Thalidamide!

So I would take on board what people say but I only feel safe when I weigh up everything myself. As far as LT is concerned....I love it....but no one will convince me that it is GOOD for your body to do such a harsh diet! But for me the pros outweigh the cons.

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