Updated my weight tracker


Focused & goin for goal!
Hi. I've updated my weight tracker as I started dieting before I started on LL so weighed myself on my home scales, I lost 15lbs on LL but am thiking of moving to CD (almost certain!). Decided rather than going on yet another person's scales, I'll just track my weight on my home scales which happen to be 1lb up on the LL ones. Therefore, since my start weight on my home scales to now which is the end of wk 3 on LL, I have lost 18.5lbs according to my home scales.

Just thought I'd pop that up to explain any odd changes on my weight tracker. I'm really pleased and am hoping to ose the same again by xmas - a further 18lbs between now and xmas... is it do-able? I'm hoping so :D
Using your own scales to track your weight is a good idea I think, they are what you'll be using post-diet so you might as well get used to them. Just don't get hung up on daily fluctuations, the overall trend is what matters.
CD is certainly cheaper than LL and lots of people say it is nicer too. Your weight loss plan sounds do-able to me, provided pre-Christmas meals and parties don't getin the way. Good luck with the journey.