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sorry guys but i need a bit of advice urgently.left a message for my cdc to ring me back.although i went to bed early last night i was awake for most of the night rushing to the loo,one occasion i never made it, feel such a prat messing my bed like that.well the question i want answering is what do i do about the shakes/bar for today.i need to take my medication twice a day which i take with my shakes/bar.when i have had the runs(sorry if your eating)before my gp said only boiled water.
thanks take care one and all.xxx:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:
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Most importantly is to keep up the water intake as if you have diarrhoes you will become dehydrated very easily.

I would personally steer clear of the shakes and bars as if your tummy is tender then the bars and skakes may upset it further. If it wasn't CD we were doing I would also advise dry toast (no butter) as this is very plain and will just give your tummy something to work on.

However if it was me, I would probably have a piece of dry toast if you feel hungry. Might be your CDC adivses something else, but this is what I would do.

Hope you feel better soon.

Charlie xx


cos i need this xxx
id say go with r gp on this one and do only boiled water for now, if gp recommends dry toast or anything go with it - im sure itll not affect your weight loss too much and its more important that youre well enough to get back on track asap.


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I had similar experience two weeks ago and i had just chicken instead of shakes throughout the day and i was back to normal by sunday.
I avoided anything like toast because i didnt want to come out of ketosis.

If you're not feeling sick then try something on ss+, if you look on page 12 in your pink book there will be things listed there.

Although if you are feeling sick then toast is what id have just to try and settle your tummy.

I didnt think CD sachets were helping hence the chicken instead, just something a bit solid but like previous post, keep up your water intake.

Hope you feel better soon


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Sorry your so poorly Spott. Let us know what the gp says, and I would really go with the gp's advice as It's important you stay fit and well. You can pick the diet back up when your well enough and like the girls say above if need be stick with a bit of chicken. Take care xxx.


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You need to drink the water (whatever else you choose to eat) - i very nearly ended up in hospital through passing out because I was dehydrated (had v. nasty tummy bug a few years ago - i really can sympathise with you). Very frightening.

I hope you feel better soon sweetie.



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Hope you feel better soon hun *hugs* xx