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Using HEB when eating out

Hi all,
I'm really sorry if this has been asked before (I'm sure it will have been!)...

I was wondering if I could use a HEB on a Green day when eating out at a restaurant. For example, a Chicken Jalfrezi on Green is 18.5 syns but could I count 113g of the chicken as a HEB and minus 6 syns (therefore bringing the syn total to 12.5)?

Could I go one further and use a second HEB to go towards the oil they use and minus another 6 syns (bringing the total to 6.5) or is that taking the Michael a bit?

Thanks :wavey:
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I do that... just make sure you overestimate the weights just to be on the safe side :)



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I dont see why not, after all, if you was making the same thing at home, youd count your hexs if you used them in the recipe wouldnt you? Like said above though, I would over estimate aswell just to be on the safe side.


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I would say definitely for the chicken. Less so for the oil as it is only extra virgin olive oil which counts as a 'b' and it's most unlikely that curry houses use this as standard.
Thanks very much :) Yeah I doubt they'd be using extra virgin olive oil ;) Glad to hear I can use a HEB to mitigate the syns... not being able to eat out at all has always been my downfall when doing a diet as I feel totally deprived (even though we don't eat out hugely often)!


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probably because there is not enough superfree foods to count it as an EE meal
probably because there is not enough superfree foods to count it as an EE meal
Yep that was the reasoning behind it :) I find it difficult to do EE with the 1/3 superfree & not that bothered about unlimited meat (I'd probably just eat a HEB worth anyway) so Green seems the right choice for me.

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