Using your syns - how do you use yours?


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Hi All,

I usually use my syns for a glass or 2 of wine but have decided to have a booze free couple of weeks. Trouble is, I don't really know what I should use my syns on now. I don't want any chocolate/sweets things at the mo either (way too much at xmas)

So, what do you use your syns for?

Think I'll try more savoury sauces etc. Any good recommendations?
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I used to use mine on chocolate/biscuits etc but have decided I don't really want to have those sorts of foods every day, more as a treat on a weekend.
I've been doing EE recently and have used my syns for cheese (6) ryvita or bread. Basically I've been having my 2 B choices (as for red/green) but synning the 2nd one.
Other than that I'm going to have a bit of butter on my toast or maybe some avocado or olive oil to increase my good fats.


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I tend to use most of my syns for either wine or brandy. I enjoy a couple in the evenings. Apart from that I use some for sauces, cheese and in SW recipes that have syn values. I don't eat chocolate, sweets, cakes or crisps.


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I always use 5.5 syns on either a 2 finger Kitkat or a packet of Quavers. The other 4.5 syns I normally on sauce or anything else for dinner.

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I use mine for things like gravy granules 2.5 syns, Asda cheese curls 3.5, 2 tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo 1 syn, Asda eat smart tomato sauce 0.5 syns a tbsp, 1oz stilton cheese for 5.5 syns.
Extra cheese, extra bread or crispbread, olive oil, nuts, whiskey, sugar-free sweets, avocado, butter, lemon curd (mixed with total yogurt - yum!)


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I use them in different ways, I think variety is important to keep the body guessing! Like others I sometimes use them for extra healthy extras, cheese in particular for things like lasagne. If I have a stirfry I always use Blue Dragon sachet sauces - at 5-7 syns they may seem a lot but they serve 2 people so they're not too bad! I have days where I'm not that hungry to use my syns but I do try to use them everyday as I find my losses are not as good if I don't have enough throughout the week, even just having a rich tea finger (1 syn) with a cuppa lol.


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I used to use mine on alcohol! :cry:Now I am a booze free woman I am enjoying crisps, sauces etc

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I tend to have two Alpen Lights (Hex B) throughout the day (mid-morning and mid-afo) and then sometimes have a Hifi bar at 8ish with a cuppa before bed - really keeps my sweet tooth sorted! Don't drink anywhere near as much as we used to so occassional glass of wine or cheese on meals etc.


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mine normally iced gems or skinny cow ice cream or pop corn in the evenings the rest goes on sauces etc


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Fab ideas! Thanks all :)

Upping my HE's sounds like a good plan too.


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I use mine for gravy or sauces, extra cheese or bread and small packets of salted peanuts.


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I use my syns to add ingredients to recipes that are not free or as a snack in the evening. (evening times tend to be when I crave something sweet, so I always make sure I have syns available, so I can treat myself, but still stay on track).


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I have been using mine on crisps (skips and walkers french fries) if I'm feelingsavory or a Viennese Whirl for 7 sins if I fancy something cake like. Also, the jumbo Snack a Jacks (cheese flavour) are 2 sins each.


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I use my syns mostly on sugar, honey, 2% greek yogurt, olive oil, breadcrumbs, flour etc to make meals more tasty. I also use syns on chocolate. I have a seriously overactive sweet tooth but I've realised that a little something sweet is just as lovely as a whole bar :D


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I use mine on a 2 finger kitkat/skips/bread :D x


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umm bread at moment especially with stews and soups :D However, if I am at my OH's it will be cheese - it is shocking to see how much cheese he buys at least I am not a hugh fan!