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Vanessa WW food diary


Breakfast: egg whites on ww bread little bit of butter

2 points

Late lunch:
WW meal

5 points

Tea: ww soup 1.5 points 2 slices of ww bread 1 point


Snacks 2 slices of ww toast with cream cheese 1.5
Half a turkish delight 1.5
3 points

Total 13.5/17
Saved 3.5
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Had a good day today!! had 13.5 points!! no way can i eat any more im stuffed haha!!
Going out for a few drinks with my husband tomorrow so will try and save a few points tomorrow aswell ;)
Yesterday was a bad day!!

Breakfast: nothing :(

Lunch: veg stirfry with noodles 1.5 points

tea: ww meal 6 points

half choc 1.5
bag of nuts 6.5
cheadars 2.5
3 glasses of wine 6 points

Total 24 points :cry:

I did do 20 mins of airobics and 7 bottles of water. but ate all the wrong stuff last night!! to be honest i'd had a really shitty day and just needed to let go! so out came the wine and snacks i don't feel too gulty because i've been so good and i'll be straight back on track today!! i've already done another 20 min workout and had some water!! just off to get myself some brekki!

Breakfast poached egg ww bread little butter 2.5 points

Lunch ww meal 5.5 points

Tea homemade 0 point soup ww bread little butter 1.5 points
snack 1 point
Sugarfree jelly!!

Total 10.5
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Breakfast: Bacon poached egg and tomatoes 2.5 points

Lunch: Ham sandwich 4 points

Tea: chicken ww mash and cabbage 4 points

Total 10.5 again :rolleyes: really need to try and get more points in!! Don't think i've lost asnything this week either!! weigh day isnt untill wednesday but at the mo i still weigh the sam as last week:cry:

Ok another 3 points added had a bag of iced gems :D and light choice fruit bar :D

Total 13.5
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Wow i've eaten loads today!!


Breakfast: ceareal with milk 2.5points

Lunch: homemade stew with bread 3.5 points
Snacks: 3points

Tea: homemade stew with bread 2.5points
snack 2.5

Pitta with ham and salad 2 points

total 16 points :D

Breakfast: cereal bar 1.5points

Lunch: ww meal 6 points muller yoghurt 1.5points

Tea: ww meal with ww mash 6 points
Snack ww bread with marmite 1 point

16 points
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Managed to eat 16 points today!! weigh day tomorrow and im dreading it i will be so disappointed if i've stayed the same!! :(

Free day!!!!:D


Breakfast 100g of grapes 1 point
Snack cup a soup 1.5 points

Lunch pasta sauce 3.5 points

Tea Mcdonalds 10.5 points

Total 16.5 saved 0.5

40 minutes in the gym
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Breakfast cereal with milk 3 points

Lunch out for lunch chilli chicken noodles 4.5 points

Tea ww meal 6 points
ww treat 1.5

total 15 points saved 2 points

30 mins in the gym

Breakfast 1 slice of thick bread with butter and Marmite 2.5 points

Dinner chicken stir fry with noodles 5 points

Tea Quorn meetballs with ww mash and salad 5 points

snacks 3 points
bag of crisps 1.5 points

total 17 points

45 minutes in the gym
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Woops haven't done thos for a week!!

Ok here goes


Breakfast: Nothing

Dinner: ww meal 5.5 points

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