Veggie growers?


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Is there anyone here who grows their own? I'd love to know what others are up to.

I used to have an allotment but we moved the veggie growing back up the back garden last year, going for a looser style mixed with flowers and the rest of my garden contents.
This is the first full growing year and I'm about to greet sowing. Spuds chitting on the window sill and hubby is getting the heated propagator down from the loft today.

Is there anyone else here that grows veg/flowers?
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No-one? :(


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I do grow some veg at home need to do more this year. I ended up being very late last year with my toms due to the weather and too many flowers in the greenhouse. Had to wait for the flowers to go into the new border as I wanted it to be a cottage garden style garden. Not sure how many flowers are growing back looks like a cat has been using it as a toliet and they have also dug soil over my new turf :eek: I layed last year. So that will need to be sorted and must order some new seed as all my veg seeds got wet.


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I've been dipping my toe in growing veg the last two years with varying success and want to go more for it this year, better organised


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I'll be getting the keys to my very first allotment some time in the next week or so - though there will be a lot of weed-clearing to do before I can think about planting anything - it's been unused for the last 2 years, and the weeds are almost a meter high in some places! I'm really excited to get started :)


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Ahh, you'll love it!

I remember getting mine, it hadn't had anyone grow on out for about 15 years! I was so excited. We took about a year I guess to clear it totally and be utilising the whole space. I loved it, it just got too hard to get there.

I've got plenty of fruit growing in my garden now. Mostly berries that I'm so desperate to ripen. Plus some salad, greens and peas/beans. Oh and spuds dotting around too. I also tidied up the garden for my birthday party so it's looking really nice out there at the mo.


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I wish I could but I haven't got a garden. Try to grow herbs but they always die on me, apart from one mint plant which I left at my old house after we planted it in the back garden.

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Our allotment and fresh beetroot soup!





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We have a ground floor apartment with an outside area that is south facing, I grown Tomatoes, Cucumbers and runner beans every year and get a bumper crop.


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I grow lots of fruit and veggies - for a living! I love it!


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Can anyone advise me on my herb box please?

I have bought some small herb potted plants as well as a basil pot from a supermarket and put them in a trough for a window box (I have no garden) but the basil is dying off and the mint and sage are yellowing at the edges despite both growing a lot. The rosemary and thyme seem fine. I haven't removed them from their pots yet as I know I need to provide some kind of drainage for them but I am not sure exactly where, or if, to plant which herbs. I f they should be planted all out of pots in a certain order (I know mint can spread and strangle other plants with its roots), what drainage to use (I could access brick/cement rubble or polystyrene or old tiles), when to use plant feed, etc. I have indoor potting compost and veggie plant feeder ready to use.

Please help?

PS - I would laso like to sow some crops in window boxes, toms, chillies, more herbs, lettuce, all from seeds if possible too so any advice on that would be much appreciated.