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Veggie on Dukan

Hi everyone, I've decided to start a diary about my attempt to do a vegetarian version of the Dukan diet!
I've been overweight most of my life. As a child I could eat whatever I wanted but ballooned as soon as I hit puberty and at one point weighed about 15 stone. I lost a lot of weight through starvation diets (300 calories a day!) in my early 20s, got down to 10 stone and then went back up again a couple of times.
Since then I've got a much healthier relationship with food and have lost weight over the last 4 years or so by eating sensibly and exercising lots. I love to run and compete in lots of 5k and 10k races.
I've been a stable 10 stone 2 lbs for the last 18 months but my stomach is starting to turn to flab as I approach 30, and I've got lots of back fat etc which I'd love to get rid of.
Mr Dukan says that my true weight is 9 stone 2lbs so thats what I'm aiming for.

Today is my first day of Attack.
I have eaten:
Breakfast: Oatbran porridge and a cup of tea
Lunch: Muller Light, Total 0% yoghurt and a couple of spoons of low fat cottage cheese.
Dinner: 2 and a half veggie sausages and scrambled egg (I couldn't eat all of this cos I felt too full)

Have drunk lots of tea and don't feel hungry at all, hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!:D
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** Chief WITCH **
Have you done your Dukan vegetarian diet homework? It doesn't look to me as if you're eating a great deal in that menu above, yet vegetarians are allowed more oatbran for instance. I couldn't tell you how much. I've advised several to research for themselves, but they then usually disappear at the first sign of research work required!!

Think of your health though and careful... you're at a good weight and this could mess up your metabolism big time, while causing mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


** Chief WITCH **


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You can also have 2 spoonfuls of lentils (i'll try and find the ref - we need a veggie sticky).

I'd bet your cals are super low, as you've already wrestled your metabalism back from going down that route previously do take care.

I'd suggest having a go at making the muffins with silken tofu in. That way you'll be getting a protein hit early in the day (and they're super filling) rather than existing on dairy until dinner. As you get to have double portions of oatbran you can make these and still have porrage in the morning.

As you're allowed double rations of oatbran, I can recommend Dukan toast and fried/poached egg for breakfast - will keep you full and a decent amount of protein in there too.:D
Thanks for the advice everyone. I've been having a double helping of oatbran in my porridge so its keeping me very full all morning. I wasn't sure if I'm allowed the lentils in Attack or if I have to wait until Cruise - does anyone know?

Anyway, today I had:

Breakfast: Oatbran porridge
Lunch: Muller Light, Total 0% yoghurt and a small tub of cottage cheese
Dinner: 1 Quorn burger and a vegetarian sausage with some sauce made from Quark cheese and garlic (it was disgusting!).
I was still hungry after dinner so I had another Muller Light and a Total 0% yoghurt.

The Dukan website tells me only to do 2 days of Attack so I'm on Cruise tomorrow and have made myself a massive salad for lunch tomorrow - can't wait.
Also I weighed myself this morning and I lost 2 lbs on the first day!


** Chief WITCH **
I hesitate to congratulate you overly on the loss because you're really not eating enough, and your lunch is all dairy.

I'm not sure whether your French is up to this, but here are some recipes!

At your weight, you'll be moving to PV now yes?
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