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hi anyone know anything about vertigo, the kind where you spin round the room lol ive had it since oct last year and am no nearer to finding out whats causing it or how to get rid of it ,had ear tests its not that got me on tabs to stop me being sick and dizzy but not working,woke up one morn and the bedroom was flying round my bed with me hanging onto the pillows screaming had it ever since more like bad head rushes now its doing my head in any help please xx
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I had this problem a few months ago. It lasted ages and I was falling when I got out of bed. I went to the GP and he told me that it was a virus in my middle ear I think this was called Labryrititis and that there was nothing I could do apart from taking the anti-sickness medication, this did work but I was only taking half a tablet, I found Phenergan that you take for seasickness worked for me. good luck it will go eventually
What are you taking jezebel? Stemetil? I had this for ages a few years ago, had loads of tests but they couldn't find what was causing it. Eventually it went away by itself but I had it on and off for months at a time. The only advice I can give is to prop yourself up with pillows, try not to make sudden head movements and keep pestering the doc if it's not getting any better.
I've had this. I used to have epilepsy and I've always had vertigo but I always thought it was part of being epileptic but later found out it wasn't.

I was on medication for epilepsy but apparently the amount of fits I was having did not justify the amount of tablets I was on. I was on too many tablets.

It was horrendous, from the minute I woke up to the minute i went to bed, my head was just spinning, the nauseous was horrendous and it lasted every single day for 1 week. I went to the doctor but he didn't know what was wrong. It came back two months later, oh god so bad, in the end I went to A & E and the doctor saw me trying to walk to him.

The nminute they lowered my dosage for epilepsy the attacks stopped. Thank god!!!

So if you're on any other medication.
Sorry about the long post.
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I had labrynthitis for a while but after a month or so on betahistine (or something like that can't remember exact name) I'm all sorted. Keep on at your doc for some help as you can't go on like this. I was scared to go out on my own incase I fell over, it's not a good feeling x


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Have they checked out for Meniere's Disease? I have Menieres in both ears. It aint pretty, but much improved since an operation 12 years ago.

I had dreadful vertigo. Couldn't move, just throwed up on the spot and lost consciousness a couple of times with it.

I do hope it's not that, but wondered if it has been mentioned.
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hi thanks for all advice, im on betahistine at the mo 16mg 3 times a day takes the edge off it but its still there lol soz took me so long to reply but been in bed with it mon morn till last night ,been to ear nose and throat they say its not my ears will mention the meniers disease as i have started passing out as well as the dizziness and constant sickness and i have temperal lobe seizures mild form of epilepsy not on tabs for it though coz they make it worse so might mention that anything worth a try and thanks phil lol .thanks again its been realy helpfull and it would seem quiet a lot of people have had it xx
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I know how you feel, my vertigo started a year ago. I've been to private doctor had MRI, bloods everything and they just cant work out what it was. I suspect it is Menieres as it still happens now. I was on 12 tablets a day for it. Now i'm just on Betahistine, I only take them when an attack comes on and it seems to help. I couldnt drive for 8months becuase of it. It really is horrible and i feel for you. Keep on at your doctors though, it took me months to get referred to an ENT specialist! xx


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I just had a real bad bout of vertigo..I couldn't focus and was sick, as well as the feeling of room spinning and unsteadiness...I went to the docs and have been diagnosed with BPPV Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo...I was off work for nearly 2 weeks..Not good...I have had attacks of vertigo for a few years, but usually taking a few pills does the trick....
It's not a very nice thing to have as it realling unsettles you.
Hopefully things will settle down with you and it goes for good...Sometimes it does..I hope mine goes as sudden as it came on

Good luck

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tfmd ,im with you on that hoping to wake up one day and its gone will mention bppv to my doc anything worth a try lol think im trying to cure me more than he is bet hes sick of me giving him possibilities lol but its not him whos got it hope yours goes soon thanks for help xx


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Jezebel. Glad I could be of help. It's gone now thankfully and I hope I don't have it for a while at least! I hope you get yours sorted soon. It's not a nice feeling is it? Good luck x x
I suffer from attacks of vertigo at least once a year. Although touch wood havent had one for a long time. The doctor always prescribes me Stemetil for it (otherwise known as Prochlorperazine) although that only really helps with the sickness.

Vertigo is usually brought on by a viral infection that affects the inner ear, so is hard to treat, they can only really help with the symptoms until it clears. However if you have had it for quite a while now. I would speak to your GP again about getting some tests done as it could be Ménière's disease.

The main thing is to try not to make any sudden movements, especially of the head, as this can bring on the dizzy attacks which are really horrible.

I hope it eases for you soon. Vertigo is horrible.
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i have got high blood pressure no one has mentioned it befor so it could be a new idea to give the docs they are sending me for a nasal scan next to see if its a sinus thing coz they cant find anything wrong with my ears lol thanks xx

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