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Very emotional today - I hate hormones


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Makes you wonder how such an evil witch had such a lovely son!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Makes you wonder how such an evil witch had such a lovely son!
I know, he's the complete opposite more like his Dad.

It's our 1 year wedding anniversary on Saturday too, even for our wedding she created such a drama but hey ho I won't go there.

Had a twister lolly thing and a chat with my friend & feel better now.

Thanks everyone again as supportive as ever XXXX
Lots of hugs from me as well.

The only way to cope with someone who is horrid to you is to be so nice to them it absolutely floors them. Don't let her upset you. If you do she has won. Smile sweetly, grit your teeth and never forget that without her you would not have your OH.



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Bigbear, my MiL is exactly the same. I almost told her to eff off last time she came to my house because she was so rude.
make some bread/homemade playdough,paint a face on it and bash her bloody brains in(metaphorically of course by giving it a good kneading).Always do it when my mil kicks off.
What is it with these "B" MIL's. Mine gave me hell for years always comparing me with her darling daughter and because SIL and I both have the same name, refusing to call me by my proper name. IT REALLY P*****S me off, but I never, ever let her see it. Also she treats her son badly too.

Life is easier now............ she went back to live in England a few years ago. There is a God !!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Cheers 2 u all its been a roller coaster few days with my emotions...wot with ex then the grief from mil.

Had a good chat with H so hopefully sorted now x

Thanks 4 letting me rant it really helps x

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