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Hello Everyone

Tried our usual site, then went back to isobel email joined up on this one, have to say feeling pretty confused with it, supose i will get used to it.... how have some of you managed to put the weight type scales on your threads they are so cool.

Well last week on Lighterlife, got the cambridge lady coming to me on Friday, i can't wait, have to say i have eaten this weekend, felt good but stood on scales this morning reckoning i have put on about 5 pound... will come off easily i hope....:eek:

How is everyone!!!


Just worked this out!!!!!

Didn't relise how much more i had to go seems like a long distance.....
Hi Mandy
I have 75lbs to go and it does sound a lot, but I am aiming at 3lb a week so 25 weeks sounds a lot better!
75 pounds is a blink on an eye over your whole life!! By Christmas you won't recognise yourself.....
Put On

Hi Everyone

Got weighed last night and i had put on 4lb.... :confused: Wasn't that worried as i knew i had because i had eaten at the weekend,

Now i am starting to think shall i just eat till friday because i start CD on Friday... But i think this maybe a slippery slope...

SO do you have to pay extra for the bars, then and can you tell me how many packs we have to have a day.....

Does anyone have any tips on weighing, should i just leave it for my counsellour to do or should i do it every day myself or goto boots and do it every couple of days, any suggestions