Very sad day


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Got a sad phone call of my ex bf last night saying Leah (the dog we got when we was together) was dying. I rushed straight up there to see her and she looked so ill i knew she didnt have long to live. She died this morning at 4:30am at just 4 1/2 years old with kindney failture:wave_cry:. It signs showed on Fiday night she was at the vets monday morning and they took her in for tests all day, last night she died. Its happened so fast i cant get my head around it. I loved her so much, me and my dog bailey often go up to see her and go on walks with her. Me and my ex got Leah and bailey together but when we split up my flat was to small to take leah who was a lab so i took my yorkie bailey but said as they where so close we would make sure they met up from time to time.

I cant stop crying infact its more like sobbing. I wanted some food last night as i normally comfort eat but i have been very good and stuck to my diet. I wonder if all this crying also will help me lose more weight :eek:

Very sad sad day :wave_cry::break_diet:
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Tasha that is so sad, I really do feel for you - it's so hard when you lose a pet that you love. Take comfort that at least she's not suffering now xx


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Aww Tasha

Hugs, thats a sad story its so hard losing a pet you love, you did so well not comfort eating :))



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Sorry to hear that Tash, RIP Leah xxx


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Thanks Katie. I cant stop crying at work god knows what people must think. I just cant help it i cant stop crying. I am trying to be strong. My boss let me have an hour off work so i went up and seen her at Carls. she was just laying on her bed all peaceful with her fav blanket over her. i couldnt stop crying and stocking her head. Many people might just say its Dod but she really was my special little girl and i really loved her so much :(


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(((((Hugs)))) to you Tasha. Well done for staying strong, I bet she's having a fab time in doggie heaven!

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((hugs)) so sorry to hear about your dog :( She'll be in lovely doggy heaven now and not in any pain.
I bet she had a great 4 and a half years :)
Time is a healer though hun.

Hope your ok x


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im so sorry to hear about Leah
~warm hugs~

~run free at the bridge leah~


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awwww tashs so sorry to hear this,and at such a young age, r.i.p little one

X Kelly X

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Im sorry to hear about your news. This post made me cry, I have 2 dogs who are my whole life. I lost my old dog 3 years ago and still today i miss him very much. Its soooo hard when a pet passes away but as everyone has said she isnt in pain anymore.
I hope that you keep you chin up hun, and good on you for sticking to the diet. xxx


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Big hugs hon ((( )))

My kitten died last weekend at only 5 1/2 months and I was devastated, I couldnt talk to people about it for ages without crying so I understand how you feel.

Well done for staying on track as well hom x x

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I'm really sorry to hear about your dog Leah, I lost my Bulldog last year, it devastated me, they are part of the family and your memories of them will always be there. I had my Harry cremated and have him in a nice wooden box in my bedroom so that he is always with us. My thoughts are with you x


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Aww Tasha *hugs*

I am so sorry to hear about Leah... that's awful :( My thoughts are with you...


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So sorry to hear about your dog, how awful.
Big hugs xx

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So sorry to hear about Leah. Time does heal and it will become easier dont feel you have no right to grieve because she was a dog she was still very special to you and I am sure will be sorely missed

Take care (((((hugs)))))

H xXx


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sorry to hear that , thinkin of you , its awful to lose a pet xx


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aww tash that is so sad sorry for to hear that it must have teared at your heart strings im a big animal lover myself i have a staff . i have lost a few myself in the past it dont get no easier it breaks your heart when something happens to them . our last dog had a tumour on the brain we had to have him put down we watched him take his last breath we didnt want him to be all alone in the room as much as it hurt us we were in floods of tears for weeks we loved that dog so much . it will be hard for you and you will be sad for a while its because you love leah dearly but bless her as much as it hurts now she is in the best place now out of pain and suffering and she knows she was well loved and looked after.
RIP leah