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Very upset (yet anither "cold")

I'm worried because this is the 3rd or 4th cold in a month (I was off sick a little last week and this one is already worse but can't take time off) - and I guess I'm going to have to make a dr appointment in case there is anything wrong (like an underlying infection that needs ABs).

I'm really upset because the thought of it is just sickening. I can't face coming off this and knowing I would probably fail to get back on the wagon. Knowing that the weight I've lost would pile back on and all my hope spretyt much over again.

I could not go to the dr but people are getting worried and well I guess maybe I am. They argue that I can't compromise my heath and while they're right, I can't bear the thought of going back to how I was, and then knowing I'll probably be dead by the time I'm 50.

I know this is all or nothing thinking but I'm really quite distressed. It feels like it's all going wrong. I don't hold out any hope that I could restart - and all the things that are almost within grasp will be gone again.
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hey andy
look at well you have done!
take it one step at a time you dont know what the dr is going to say yet and keep in touch with your llc i have heard of people who have managed to stay in ketosis by just eating small protein meals whilst on ab's. dont forget that everyday that you have completed on this diet is an achievement it is hard and you have succeeded this far.
please dont get down hearted
big hugs (although i'm turning my head as i dont want to get your germs lol)
Get yourself to doctors and get checked out, this time of the year is worse for colds. You are doing so well, but your health comes first and if you do need to take (abs), then you have to, protein meals and some veg you can take while on abs but find out from ur llc..but get to doctors asap.
Maybe you need to take some vitamins, you could be lacking something, my llc says if you feel you need extra vitamins then take them, as we are not all the same, some of us may need more than others.;)
That is what worries me though - sacrificing my long term happiness and health by dealing with a short term infection. I don't feel I can do LL twice - if I come off it, I think it will be over.

A friend is very worried about me - but I always get colds this time of year and can't help but think it's better to be ill now and live an extra 20 years, than medicate a few colds, and end up back at 23+ stone and die young.

I'm seeing the nurse early next week for my blood pressure check and if I'm still ill I will make a dr app then.
Have decided to callt he doctor today and try to get an appointment - this cold is the worst one yet (annoyingly I can't take any time off sick as I took some last week).
Hope you feel better soon Andy
Health always comes first let us know how you get on:hug99:
my llc told us you can take ab's whilst doing the diet aslong as you are drinking your water because you are still getting calories thorugh the foodpacks
Today may have started badly but it certainly got better. Spoke to the nurse, she's happy I don't need ABs unless it gets worse. It's on my chest now but not coughing up anaything scary.

Then this afternoon I got promoted at work :)

So, feel a LOT better!
Congrats on the promotion and gald you're feeling better :) x
congrats on promotion andy
glad to hear your day has improved
fingers crossed for wi tonight


nearly there!! :)
awh cant believe i missed this!! delighted for u with the promotion xxxx

and hope the "cold" clears soon!! xxx
Welldone on the promotion. Glad your feeling a bit better, make sure it does not get worse on the chest tho.;)

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