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Vibro/power plates?

Ok well today being paddys day its been one of the hardest days to date :cry: but struggling on.

I had been looking at vibroplates as a way of toning up. I would have done a little exercise before but just dont seem to be able to build up the energy for the gym at the minute. These were suggested to me by a friend and a gym instructor and I was looking for some feedback from you lot :D.

anybody using them?

is there a difference between vibro and power plates?

all feedback welcome,

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Hiii, are these the things that you put around your body like a belt, or the machines at gyms that vibrate and you do various 'stances' on them to exercise different muscle groups etc. ?
Hey Aaron,

I think they are the ones you do the various stance's on but I think you can just stand still on them too.

I was going to rent one but to rent one for a month is a 1/3 of the cost so I was going to buy one instead. Before I do that though I would love to know more about them because they are expensive enough.


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I have heard great things about them, there was one at the gym I used to go to, and I used it a few times, you can really feel the burn, apparently it's something crazy like 1000x more effective than conventional exercises such as press ups and sit ups, I could be wrong with that number though :S

But yeah I used it a few times, and I really felt a burn within seconds, couldn't actually use it for more than 30 seconds at a time lol, it was also pretty embaressing as it was right in the centre of the gym and people used to stare because it was kind of "that" machine that nobody knew anything about ;)


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Hi nelly , i thought today would be hard too being paddys day, we went into the galway parade but for the first time ever (bless him) dp said he didnt want to go for a drink.. I knew it would have been hard to sit in a pub today as usually on paddys day we go a bit mental on the booze (lol like most paddys, im scottish but been here 15 years).. not a drop passed our lips, came home and did some gardening... I have heard good things about vibraplates but it sounds like a very strange sensation doesnt it, defo try on for a while in a gym or something before investing as they are pretty spendy and you dont want it turning into an expensive clotheshorse (like my treadmill) lol xxxx
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I actually have a vibroplate, but, I'm afraid, I never used it consistently enough to be able to testify to its effectiveness as I've piled loads of stuff on top of it...& it actually gives me a bit of a headache!

But, you can definitely feel you've been doing something - now I'm back on LT I'm going to try to use it a lot more in the hope I'll be a bit more toned when I finish!

aaron I know what you mean about the middle of the gym, that would turn me off trying it but I suppose thats a big advantage to renting it.

Tasha thats exactly what I am afraid off, really dont want to pay all that money for it to sit there, and as much as I am all geared up for it now, it never lasts !!

I suppose I am hoping because its only ten mins it would be a lot easier to keep up. I mean who doesnt have ten mins a day or 3 times a week.

Han han - good to hear some one has one, and you do notice a difference :) main reason for it is I am so afraid of loose skin and thats whats been suggested to me.

oh decisions, decisions!!


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S: 241.8lb C: 212.1lb G: 175lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 29.7lb(12.28%)
At my local gyms, we can pay for just going for the one day, can you do that at gyms near you? If so, you could goto one that has one, and pay for the day, and have a really thorough try of it, that way you're not shelling out alot of money, and you'll see if it's gonna be a money waster of the best thing you ever bought!


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My dad lost his belly using mum's plate so it does work

I have one and I really should use it but I haven't used it in a while and until I get used to it it makes me sneeze :eek:

I have a vibroplate & I would definately recommend getting one. I looked into renting one, but it only cost a bit more to buy one at £99. I use it 3-4 times a week & I can definately feel the difference!

Clair x


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I've got one, haven't used it in a while. I used to use it everyday and loved it. It was really good after a run, or any exercise, I found that if I did my stretches on it I didn't ache at all.

Humm, I think I'm going to drag it out of its hiding place again and use it again.
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Hi if you read about power plates they were originally designed for use by cosmonauts because of the lack of gravity and that will in low gravity for long time theyre muscle would go into atrophy"waste away" i dont think you get much effect by just standing on it as the muscles need to be tensed to give the desired effect of working a muscle they can also be used to relax muscle after training so i guess this would be what would be happening if just standing on it i personally have had mine since the new year and have really noticed muscle tone increase and believe if ur willing to use it properly you would be happy with the results. there are plenty of resources online for routines like you tube and also if u use the makers web sites they show videos of routines also My Powerplate have some great vids.

hope that helps

Mark :)
Thanks everyone, unfortunately, there is no where near me that has any and there nearest chartbusters if around 50 miles away!!

I think I will just bite the bullet and go for it, my OH would be into using it too and most place's offer 2 week money back offer so we can try it first.

Alot of you seem to already have them so I was wondering what you paid, the ones we were looking at are €370 if we could get it cheaper up north I would have no bother going up.

thanks again,


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Hi Nelly,

Keep on going! You've had great losses and are doing so well!

I absolutely love the vibro plate. I use it every day and have done since about week 3/4 of LT. It has helped me so much. I have one at home but mostly use the huge one at my gym.

I do a series of exercises on it, and tense my muscles while doing so. I really feel it working, and I reckon on top of my gym work it has really helped to 'shape' me. I have lost muscle while on LT but the muscle that was hidden under the flab is showing through nicely. It has helped to tone me.

Give one a try a few times and see what you think. It can do no harm, only good. Let us know how you get on please.

Oh I got my little home one from Next. Can't remember how much it was, but it wasn't that much.


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I got mine from debenhams and it was about £175 ish. They have them in Argos and they are not that expensive. (not sure if you have argos over there).
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ok - I had a go on my break in a chartbusters near the job and found it grand, all great reviews from you lot and anyone else I have spoke to so we ordered one there about five mins ago.

Betsey delighted you came on about it, you have done so well. fingers crossed we are all as successful :D

sanghi we do have argos but they charge us more :(. the one I was looking at there is about 90 dearer to buy here so I went with a different one. didnt want to spend over 300.

Pitbull - would you believe I was looking at them this morning, they dont deliever to southern Ireland so that was out.

Delighted with my purchase now, thanks again everyone for you help.
Will let you know how we get on :)


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Nice one Nelly. You'll love it! Here is a link to some brilliant exercises:

YouTube - Power Plate Exercises Pt I

There are 3 or 4 videos. I do all the exercises in those videos and remember to tense your muscles to get maximum impact.

Oh and they are fabulous for massage after you've exercised. I think there are so stretch and massage moves in those videos also. So relaxing.

Down South is such a rip off. I love going down but tend to not spend any money down there! I begrudge it!

Let us know how you get on.


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So is this a machine that you stand on or plates that you wrap around your body? Confused!

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