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Vici's countdown to the big day!!!

Hi guys. Well i thought i better start a journey file over here as i need to keep track of what i'm doing!

My name is Vici and 6 weeks after having my baby back in August I weighed 231lbs. When i started on Ultraslim 24th May 2010 i weighed 224lbs. I am getting married on 1st October and have a size 16 dress to get in to!! You'd think this would be motivation enough but i cannot seem to find that place in my head that tells me i don't need to binge eat! Its def my biggest downfall and the devil in all my dieting ventures!!

But I am hoping that by keeping a jornal of it all, it will make me sit up and realise!!

My first week was good and i lost 7lbs :bliss:, second week not so good but still a 1lb loss :D and then 3rd week, i fell of the wagon completely but thankfully STS.

So here it is - start of the 4th week and i'm on it!! I will do it and i will prove all those doubters wrong!!
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Today I feel good. About to have my breakfast shake and going to get out for a walk before the rain comes. Imogen loves going out in the pushchair so will get her seom fresh air too.
Not got much else planned for the day so if the rain stays off I may try and staing the new fence in the garden. Have a good day everyone xx
OOOoooo i bet your looking forward to your wedding. you will get lots of support on here. use your diary to rant and rave in stead of attacking food. i know you can do this. if i can then anyone can.
you must post your wedding pictures on here for us all to look at.
cant wait :D
Thanks hun, thats what i'm hoping to do.

My main aims this week are to....
1. drink double my normal fluid intake with water
2. come on to minimins every time i want to eat bad things!!


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Good luck with your loss and good luck for your wedding im sure it will be a brilliant day,,, ramble on here as much as you like trust me i do on my diary even if most of mine aint food related it makes me feel better and in my case is better than opening a packet of crisps. do you have one particular downfall food?
Errrm, junk lol!! I would say my biggest down fall is crisps and takeaway!! I've switched to french fries and skips to have as my snacks some days and i'm not saying no takeaway just not so regularly and trying to make better choices x


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lol my downfall is crisps i cant even eat skips or french fries ive had to cut them out completely ive still been having my saturday night takeaway and really enjoy it
hi vici it sounded like I was reading my own thoughts. I am getting married next year but until last Monday I couldn't find the motivation I was thinking WTF is wrong with me so I'm glad I'm not the only one. Where did you get your dress from?
Good afternoon guys, hope you are all well :D

Girl - i bought my wedding dress off the preloved site. It cost me £200 for dress, underskirt and veil (she paid just over £2000 for them!!!) I took a risk as there was a stain she wasn't sure would come out but i sent it to a wedding dress cleaner in London and it came back 3 weeks later completely spotless!!

Yesterday finished OK. I had pizza for tea but it was 428 cals for a 1/4 of it (large pepperoni stuffed crust lol) so i had just over a 1/4 :D Also managed really well with the drinking yesterday - think i had 4 pints of sugar free squash and a can of diet coke :)

Today has been good!

Breakfast - shake
Snack - banana
Lunch - bar
Snack - wotsits
Tea - not sure yet but i think potato wedges with a chicken breast!

Also got me some options mint hot chocolate sachets - figured i might be able to get a sweet fix for 38 calories :D

Must drink more as i've only had 1 pint of squash and 1 can of coke!!
I do, but we're still on the using up whats in the freezer. I thought i was gonna have to go without but 1/4 pizza is enough for me :D
Change of plan, shepherds pie and beans tonight :D
I've looked at preloved. I REALLY want the berkertex sandra dress but i think its around 1200. Someone had one on preloved for 600 but it's still out of my price range. I have seen a lovely dress on BHS website for 500.
Keep looking hun, dresses come on all the time so there's every chance you might find it. Also make sure you look in sample sales at dress shops as you can save a fortune xx

Pleased with yesterday although got no exercise in :( Off to a meeting this morning then my under 1 group with my little girl so not much chance of any today either!!
Very pleased with myself - had a shake for breakfast and then snackajacks for snack! Ended up going to waitrose with everyone from the meeting for lunch but i had can of diet coke, half a blueberry muffin and a banana!! Everyone else weas eating pastries, paninis, toasties, cakes etc so i was very proud :D
That's brill don't know if I could do that.

I don't want to get mine until next year it's probably leaving it a bit late but want to loose as much as poss. Do you fit in yours?
Yeah I can fit in it but only coz its lace up at the back!! They laces are far too apart for my liking though!! :cry::8855: I will do it though!!

Yesterday was OK till teatime :( OH was home late, so by the time we ate at 8:15 i was bloody starving so instead of the planned 2 chicken fajitas, i had 4 and 2 pieces of flapjack. So disappointed in myself after being so good at lunch!!

100% day today!!:D:D:D
Been very good today :D

Breakfast - shake
Snack - snackajacks
Lunch - shake
Snack - quavers and white buttons - shared with my daughter so totalled about 110 calories!
Tea - jack potato with beans and small amount of cheese

Very pleased with myself :D Now gonna get the baby to bed and then OH has arranged for some friends of ours to come sit her so we can go to the gym together - average cals burned at gym for me is about 700 but will update later x

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