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Vikstar's diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by vikstar, 5 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Tried to come up with an interesting name for this diary, but couldn't! ;)

    Ok, started SW last Monday (30th Nov), so had my first day of eating sensibly on 1st Dec. I did really well until yesterday when I ate about 8 15 crisps and a biscuit. Oh well, was still under syns, which is good!

    I have my first WI on Monday and have fingers crossed that I will have lost at least 3 pounds. Reckon I'll wear the same outfit as last week so that I can't say "I was wearing heavier jeans" or whatever.

    Good luck to all xxx
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  3. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    Good luck for monday,and good luck with your journey
  4. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Thank you :)
  5. zottyalexa

    zottyalexa Member

    Same outfit is always a good bet! Good Luck! I have known people take everything including their glasses and watch off to make the scales lose that tiny bit more!

    Zoe :)
  6. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Ha ha! If I haven't lost anything, I might be tempted to do that!

  7. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Did a big shop today and only bought things that I needed, except Christmas cards, tags, wrap etc! I was surprised at how little I spent actually and hope that this sees me through to next weekend!

    I'm getting a little worried about going away next weekend. We'll be travelling on Friday evening via train to London and then staying out and then we'll travel back Saturday afternoon. Any suggestions? I don't really want friends to know I'm doing SW, as I always fail!!! Don't want people to think "Oh no, not again!!!". :(

    I think I'll make tea to eat on the train on the way there, so that should be me sorted for the evening. It's Saturday that will be tricky. We're staying in a hotel, but haven't paid for breakfast. Hmmm...will have to plan ahead me thinks! x
  8. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Well, it was my first WI today and I lost 5 1/2 lbs. So pleased :D I know that it's all fluid really during the first week, but losing that much was a good boost for me!


    Fingers crossed I lose another 1lb (at least) next week :)
  9. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    Well done! That's an excellent loss, you must be chuffed to bits! :D It's great when you see your hard work paying off! I would imagine anyway, I never have big losses - wahhhhhh! :cry: ;) :D

    Hope you have a good week and get that half stone award!
  10. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    You're doing well though. A big loss at the start isn't indicative of a steady weight loss, is it?

    Thanks! x
  11. BaysideJ

    BaysideJ Starting over

    that's a great first week loss, well done
  12. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Well, yesterday and today have been tough. I'm not feeling 100%. Ate three chunks of caramel chocolate yesterday - about 4 syns? I've eaten some maltesers today too :(

    Aaaaggghhh...think I've stuck within syns though. Just feeling lousy and so want to eat lots and lots!

  13. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    Don't do it! Then you'll just feel rough and be beating yourself for falling off the path of true SW-ness! As you say, you've stayed within syns so far, so that's all good - no need to feel lousy about what you've done, all you have really done is permit yourself to "spend" your syns on chocolate, which you are allowed to do, hence the syn values being within the daily allowance. What you don't want to do is, think "ahhhh stuff it, I've been bad, I've eaten chocolate, I've blown it, I might as well really go to town!"

    Sometimes, in the late evening when my OH and stepson get the munchies I just end up going to bed early, if I'm asleep I can't crave stuff I shouldn't have is my simplistic theory.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow and keep soldiering on! :)
  14. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Well, I lost 2 lbs after a little blip. Have been out for 2 meals this week - tried to be as good as possible. eeeek! Really worried. It's star week too, so craving lots of sweet stuff and forgot to get any Muller light lemon cheesecake yogurts - they really hit the spot when I'm suffering from my terrible sweet tooth!

    Thanks for advice OzzieMoz x
  15. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Well, I lost 1.5lbs this week and am dead chuffed!!! :D

  16. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    That's excellent! So you've done your first half stone! yayyy - go you! :D
  17. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    I got my half stone last week, so 9lbs in total now!!! :D

    I never thought I would find something so rewarding (diet-wise I mean!!!). Hubby has lost weight too...but doesn't need to!
  18. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    I put on 3lbs this week. Not too worried though, as that was 2 weeks worth of bad food over Christmas...about 1.5lbs per week...not too bad!?!

    Getting back on track as of tomorrow!!! :D

  19. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Hi guys!

    Well I lost the three I put on in just two weeks. As I'd put that weight on over two weeks I don't mind so much!!! :D

    I'm really going for it now and feel a lot more motivated than I did last week. I'm going away this weekend which I'm a bit worried about as I like to graze during journeys!!

  20. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Weighed in last night and lost one and a half this week :D. Yay!!!!

  21. vikstar

    vikstar Silver Member

    Whoop! This week I lost 1.5lbs too! :D

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