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violently sick

i feel ill. having bad gynae pains at the moment and last night i had the biggest vommit and spent half an hour hugging the toilet. worst thing was i had managed to drink loads of water and threw it all back up , managed to fall asleep about 5 am.
bit of a bonus thou peed on ketostix and it nearly went off the scale ... guessing i ended up a bit dehydrated. couldnt drink anything after as was feeling so nauseas.
problem now is i have managed to get 2 meal packs into me today and a bit of water but i dont think i could take another pack . the pain is so bad and i just feel sick. will it cause many problems if i cant take the 3rd pack ....
my weight loss on my scales has slowed but my tummy is definately smaller !!!!!
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Sorry to hear you are feeling bad Sue! I know what I would do, I wouldn't have the 3rd pack, but I don't recommend that as good advice! I think you'd be advised to try to have it. No doubt a CDC will be along soon and will be able to give you the right advice!:)

I hope you feel better in the morning
Sue, hope you are feeling better today. Let us know how you are.

I was ill the other day and only had 2 packs, so the next day I had 4 instead. I figured it was better to have it when I knew my body would tolerate it better.

I think we're meant to have the 3 so that we are getting all the vitamins etc that we need. We're probably on the bare minimum as it is so try not to skip many packs if you can.

I really hope you are feeling better.


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Sue, feeling really really bad for you! It's now Friday, did you manage the third pack? How are you feeling today? Hope this doesnt last much longer for you! Big hug and keep your chin up! :):patback:
Hope you're feeling better today hun xx
Hi Sue,

I hope that you are better. Take things easy for a little while.

thanks guys.. bben on the pain killers inc morphine ! so safe to say i am on another planet !devil and deep blue sea take pain killers and throw up so been taking anti sickness too , seeing gp in about an hour !!have 2 admit as i have taken really strong analgesia i have eaten some chicken and some green veg, try and put somwthing in my belly although that has made me feel sick but still got pain. . hoping it keeps me in ketosis..... will hopefully be feeling full of beans over weekend. weigh in tomorrow .
well done to you lot for being strong and any weight losses... i need to catch up on the threads.
just got back form gp she has agreed only option is hysterectomy. ( im 36 !!) got my appointment in 3 weeks time ... roll on. also weighed my self on gp scales im 5 lb down but will wait til tomorrow when i get weighed by my cdc..... im sure her scales weigh heavy !!!


Loooooves MiniMins
Hey Sue notice you've lost 8lb, do you feel different? I've only lost 4lbs but halfway through 2nd week, dont really feel any different, clothes dont feel different either

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