VLCD advice please


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Hey everyone,

I started SF three weeks ago and lost about 7lbs in the first 2 weeks. (I am 5'4, weighing 17st) However, I took a week off from work last week and the diet went down the loo! I'm now finding it REALLY difficult to get back in to, along with the stresses of work. I just want to eat chocolate! :cry:

Please help... am thinking about doing Cambridge or something for a while... I think I might need something radical! (But honestly not sure I can survive on 500 kcal - wont I feint or something?!) But maybe the mega quick results would spur me on...? (Am very impatient...) Have read about ketosis but does it have long term effects? (I think i read it only lasted a week or so...)

Also, it is ok to exercise on VLCD? I swim once a week, aerobics once a week and walk about 3-4 times (for approx 2 miles) a week.

Any advice / support greatly received :sigh:

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S: 11st0lb C: 9st4lb BMI: 21.6 Loss: 1st10lb(15.58%)
SF is not far off the vlcd programmes...all these offer in addition to the packs is the group counselling and the weigh-ins...as well as the before and after photos...otherwise it is the same thing for a load more money...but then no price can be put on health...in case anyone thinks I am poo-pooing the vlcds...


with cambridge you have 3/4 packs of food(soup, bars, shakes or porridge) per day depending on your height.
Ketosis lasts as long as you stick to the programme on ss or ss+. the weight losses are bigger than most other diets and your body adjusts to the low calories so you won't feel hungry. The first few days are hard on the diet but if you don't expect too much of yourself, drink plenty of water then you should be fine. Depending on how many packs you have the costs average 36-40 pounds. Hope this helps alittle