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Vote for your favourite LL pack!

Which is your favourite LL pack?

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Hello LL peeps!

Lots of newbies have been asking which are the nicest LL packs, I know everyones tastes are different but I thought it would be interesting to see what the most popular LL flavour is! And this might help those new to LL.

So vote for your favourite :)

P.S I could only put 10 options so had to leave out the bars! So this is just voting for your favourite pack.
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Choc shake all the way! I have all choc shakes and 3 or 4 bars in a week - couldn't ever manage the soups!
mine is vanilla just coz i like it cold, hot or in my coffee. mmmmmm. but my fave bar is by far the nut fudge, amazing!!!! xx

Pinkie :)

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Hmm... interesting that I had to really think which one actually!

I have a choc one every day, as can do quite a few different things with it, so guess that's my fave in a way...

However, voted for the Thai Chilli soup as it's yummy, and often make half as a soup, and the other half into a popodum thingy, like suggested in the Sticky of unofficial recipes! Do love that combo for dinner!

As for bars... the Toffee one is up there, for sure! ;) x
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Good idea Hannah,
For me it's Vanilla. I also like the chocolate one. I have 3 porridge, but I haven't tried them yet. Didn't exist when I did LL before.
I used to like the Thai Chilli too.:eek:


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It chops and changes for me, currently Thai Chili and cranberry or toffee nut fudge with a vanilla shake because that makes a great latte or iced coffee shake!

I used to love the mushroom until they 'improved' the recipe so now I find it revolting. I go through phases... Overdid the chilli so now can't eat it. Still like the veg and chicken. Well, I say 'like'... But that term is relative!! All just a means to an end after all!
I love the Strawberry but vanilla is good too.

how much do you put in your coffee?? how do you make it up?

Pinkie :)

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I'm not sure how much other people use, but I use the vanilla like a coffee whitener... So, just put about 2 teasponns in a mug, and mix well with a bit of cold water to a paste... Then I add a teaspoon of de-caf, a couple of sweeteners... and the boiling water... still stirring well so the vanilla mixes properly...

I actually have a battery operated milk frother thingy, which is even better to get the vanilla and water bit really well mixed and frothy! This way you end up with what tastes like a rich vanilla latte!

And this is diet food?! Yummmy! :)
I'm a veggie soup girl all the way!! I used to love the mushroom as well but since they've "improved" the recipe I just can't drink it - gross!!

I love my porridge as well, I have porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch, bar mid afternoon and soup for dinner! Well I did - now I'm on RTM I actually miss my evening soup!!! Strange...!!

Hi Pinkie - that sounds brilliant will need to try that tomorrow. Little bit gutted that i didn't get more vanillas!!

Pinkie :)

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Lol... You're very welcome gingette! If you really like it, you can always get more next week, or if you've got a months food in advance like some people do... you can swap some for vanilla... your LLC will say you can do that anyway! :)

I also like to do the same with the chocolate one... :D
Glad it's not just me with the mushroom, Laura! I've done the latte thing with the chocolate pack and it's lovely - almost like a coffee shop mocha!
I like the chocolate ones heated in the microwave. I only made the mistake of mixing with hot water once though! Lumpy doesn't even start to describe it!!!

Pinkie :)

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Oooh yeah! The choc one, mixed with water, a tea spoon of coffee, and a couple of crushed sweeteners... then microwaved for 1 min! It's goes thick and gooey... really delicious!

Also did the hot water thing once, lumpy goes some way to describe it, but yes... was not the best! Think I still ate it though! lol... ;)


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Speaking of hot chocolate haha.. I always added hot water and then hand blended it lol whoops.. explains why the last bit was thick and lumpy now! Ill have to try it your way :D.

Oh and i almost forgot.. I cant stand packs at the moment so i double them all up to get them down quicker but the one thing i do like (and is my reward as i only get 3) is the nut fudge bar ;)! Also does anyone find it quite hard to eat the bars? as i get to half way and i feel so stuffed lol i have to get water to help it down!

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