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V's Diary


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My (current) journey so far: The last few weeks I've been going to the gym, and generally watching what I eat, and that has helped me get from 105kg down to 101kg...then last Sunday I started on my remaining CD packs from last year (failed attempt). Since then, I've now got down to 98.8kg. Tomorrow's my actual weigh in day, and I'm hoping for a good loss. Hopefully my walk today has helped too (just a slow stroll but about an hr). I'll check in here tomorrow to post my progress.

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Eventful Day (car problems) - not even 11am!!!

I tried using the car yesterday night, and it wouldn't start....the radio and mileage reset itself, and it wouldn't start. Even I know enough to think, something's wrong with the battery. But it was 10pm and I was tired, so I thought I'd phone in the morning.

I got up today, and the snow started before forecast. I rushed to find everything I'd need to call my breakdown company (including my credit card because I'm with a company that has a cheap outlay but I pay whoever they send, and then they reimburse me when I send the receipt....anyhow that's missing too...my credit card). When I phoned they came quick through the snow (15mins)....but the guy wouldn't give me a bill which is fine, as he said he'd just claim off AutoAid (my breakdown company) but he recommended letting the engine run for 10 mins, then taking a 20min drive (in the snow) and then stopping at Kwikfit and getting a new battery as it's unlikely to start tomorrow morning if it's already conked out once (5 yrs and still the original battery). Anyhow Kwikfit tested it and said it's fine, don't worry about it (they didn't try to fleece me which is great), and so I went on my way to do the shopping I originally set out to do yesterday...and I got there, and they were out of what I wanted anyhow. Here's hoping I can get to work tomorrow morning.

So, doesn't look like I'm escaping the gym because I can't drive there (I think that's positive?).

Anyhow some definite good news. This is my proper weigh in day and I'm 97.9kg, down from 100.8kg (same as 222.3lbs down to 215.9lbs). So I've lost 2.9kg or 6.4lbs in week 1.

Looks like I don't have the massive losses some people have in week 1 of CD, but slow and steady will do me fine (2kg or 4lbs per week)


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Weight going wrong way....

...but that's ok. It's TOTM for me (first time in a while, this diet seems to have brought it back, which is good even if I hate the side effects). I know that tends to make my weight fluctuate up to a couple of pounds (usually up). Never mind...now I just have to try to keep off the scales until weigh day (Sunday). I didn't end up at gym yesterday either; went for a walk in some botanic gardens, which was nice, although a little chilly....so at least I got exercise.



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Yesterday I went out for a coffee with friends....I stuck to a peppermint tea as I didn't want to consume any extra cals or caffeine. I did feel somewhat guilty as it's the same building as my gym and I've not been in a cpl of weeks. Never mind.

I'm doing ok with the SS at the moment. Although I feel hungrier than usual (TOTM seems to give me an unsettled feeling in my stomach similar to hunger....except eating doesn't satiate it....it's like a constant hunger you can't feed) but I'm coping. I did weigh myself; I think I'm addicted to that.
Yesterday went ok with the diet. And the totm side effects have stopped which is great (except maybe water retention, we'll have to wait and see for that). I do seem to be having a problem with very dry skin (on my hands, and my lips are peeling too)....I wasn't sure if that's an effect of the diet, or something to do with my working conditions (many people at work have started having dry skin because of the humidity at work, when they never had the problem before). In any case, this is day 12 and I'm only on SS till day 21...only 9 more days and I can see if my skin starts to improve again.
Now on Day 13

So day 13 has began and I'm just starting to drink my vanilla shake this morning. I checked the scales today and I think most of the water retention has disappeared..I'm coming in at 96.8kg (213.4lbs) which is a bit less than hoped for as I was aiming to come down a full 2kg per week (which means I'd have to be down at 95.9kg by Sunday WI so another 2lbs in 2 days). I'm not going to become disheartened though, as I might well catch up next week (and even if I don't, at least I'm losing weight). I am thinking of going to the gym tonight for a light aerobic workout, so maybe that will help.

On a positive note, the skin problem I was having seems to be starting to clear up (at least round my mouth), so I don't think it was the diet.

Day 14

So, it's day 14...and a relaxing Saturday. I have nothing planned at all. I'd like to do something, but nobody's free, so I'm stuck all on my lonesome, with just my shakes for company. Yesterday was a good day for me. I finish work early on fridays by half an hr, but was held up 15 mins. Still, it had stressed me out a little, and I had been toying with the idea of going to the gym for a while, so I ended up going. That's the first time I went since I started SS (I had been going regularly for the prior 3 or so weeks before, but had stopped when I started the diet as I didn't want to feel weak/overtired during a stressful period for me at work). The gym went well, I didn't feel overly tired, although I did have a couple of mins on the cross trainer where I didn't feel I could continue on it (I was fine 40 mins on the reclining bike before that, I think because I was sitting down). Anyhow, weigh in is tomorrow so we'll see how near I am to the target I set then.

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Didn't quite reach goal, but it's ok...

I had wanted to get down to 96kg by today but I fall just short (0.5kg or 1.1lbs short). It's my first set goal but atleast I've lost 9.5lbs in the 2weeks. I got some good advice in the forums here, and I'm feeling more positive about it now.

I had actually managed to get out yesterday even if only for an hour (went to the Botanic Gardens again...3rd time in 8days...I've made my annual membership back already...£8 for annual, or £3 a time). It was good having a walk round with a friend. Today I don't have anything to do, although hopefully I'll be able to meet up with friends at some point. Otherwise it'll just be a laundry day. Actually, thinking about it, I have tonnes of housework to do. Hmm we'll see...

In other news, I have a massive crush on someone at work, which is kinda nice but they can't ever know, and it could never go anywhere even if they did. I don't feel guilty as you can't help who you crush on, but as I sit beside them, I'm terrified I'm just going to start blushing all the time. It is a nice feeling though...the flutteriness in my stomach, the feeling tongue-tied, the intense smiling (I can't help it). Part of me though, can't help but feel lonely because of it, knowing I don't have anyone, and it might be a long time before I do meet anyone.
Day 17

Wow, time's passed quickly...day 17 already. I'm just on my last shake of the day now. Made it in a blender too....which is a revelation to me, as I'd lazily been stirring them by hand (to avoid washing the blender) and they weren't turning out too good (powdery and lumpy). The shakes taste really good from the blender, and I can put more water in as the powder's evenly spread out. I didn't end up meeting anybody on Sunday, but that's fine as I got a fair amount of housework done. Yesterday (Monday) was ok on the diet, but I went to gym in the evening and spent an hour on the reclining bike (couldn't be bothered doing anything more strenuous, or anything involving standing lol)....and afterwards (late last night, and all of today, I seem to be ravenous. My scales are still stuck but never mind; I know all this exercise is good for me anyhow.

In the other news I mentioned the other day: my crush is actually leaving for a promotion next week (thank goodness, since it's making me embarassed a lot)....but we might end up having a bit of goodbye get together at a late lunch at the pub across the road during lunch break. It's a bit of a dilemma, cos I can't not go (it's a little get together for my team of about 6 or 7 and we're all on the same schedule so it'd be rude not to go) but I won't be able to eat anything (or drink anything). I've got about 22hrs to decide what to do.


My scales are beginning to budge again! :D

(in the right direction of course, otherwise I wouldn't be smiling!)

They've actually not budged very much; I've not met that first target goal yet, but I'm confident that now they've started to move again after approx. 5days, that they'll continue moving down the way.

I'm slightly apprehensive about AAM next week, and then moving up the plans (I was using up my old packs....and had around a month's supply). I'm thinking about whether I want to stay on CD (and obv go back to a CD counsellor) or if this initial weightloss was what I needed for a kickstart in the right direction. I don't want to lose the weight quickly (terrified of loose skin), but at a slower rate on a healthy eating plan I might lose motivation and give up. I think what I might do is go back to healthy eating (and gym) for a bit, and if that stalls over the next couple of months, then come back to CD and find a CD counsellor.
I spoke too soon! :)

Hehe I usually weigh myself in morning after loo, but this morning I didn't manage to go and I weighed myself anyhow. Anyhow, as today's my late start day for work, I had a chance to go to the loo and weigh myself after that this morning....anyhow I have met my target. 3 days late but never mind, I can blame that on the scales being stuck for so many days! I'm below the 96kg mark now :) (<211.7lbs....am actually sitting at 211lbs to be more accurate)

Am happy now :D


3rd post in one day. Am sooooo annoyed. My car wouldn't start again, and I'm working all week so don't have the time to call the guys to start the battery, and then the time to take the car down to the garage (I work 9 to 5:30 and the garage closes by 6pm)...so I'm gonna have to either walk the 40mins to work (I really don't want to get there all sweaty) or leave very very early so I can find a bus that might go in vaguely that direction. It's a shame work isn't on a major route. I only got the service about 3 weeks ago, then the battery died 1.5weeks ago, at a weekend atleast, and today, I was starting the car for work and it wouldn't go. So I had to pay for a taxi! I can't afford taxis. So annoyed but at nobody in particular. And to top it all off, I'm having a vanilla shake (run out of my faves strawberry and forest fruits) which I don't like...

Feeling good...

I just went to collect my membership card from the botanic gardens next door...and while I was there I thought I'd do a quick round. But I ended up getting to one end, and just sitting......doing nothing, just relaxing. It was like being back in the village I grew up in...getting away from all my problems by just sitting somewhere quietly on my own, daydreaming. I feel so...mellow. I think I'll do that more often (weather permitting)...

Day 22

Today was my 3rd weigh in (4 including start day I guess) and I've lost 3.3lbs. Looks like 3lbs a week might be my number. Tomorrow's my last day of pure SSing though so I'm guessing that might come down to around 2lbs per week or so. It's come round so quick. I'm off in the next hr or so to do a shop for some essential items to cook with. I'll be moving up to the 790 plan. I'm cooking coriander (mock) chicken with spices. I'm making it in advance as I have less time during the week, especially with trying to fit in gym too. I actually went to the gym yesterday (along with everything else I managed to fit in) and managed to do a whole hr on the x-trainer without stopping which is a first for me. I usually do an hr at the gym but not on such a high energy activity for the whole time. Today's been the exact opposite though....having such a lazy lazy day, which is a shame because it's soooo sunny. Still, at least I'll get out the house when I go grocery shopping. Going to Asda....got to buy a card for my crush while I'm there too, to say "good luck with your promotion" kind of thing. Thing is I'm such a soppy emotional writer, I'm worried my card might sound a bit obvious..hmm think I'm gonna spend the rest of the night thinking what I can write without my crush thinking I'm just that....or that I'm a bit odd lol.
Started eating early!

Well, I was meant to pure SS today, but I prepared food yesterday for Tue and Wed to be organised. Anyhow looked and smelled so good that I decided to start an AAM week today and had a coriander mock chicken fillet (25.2g protein, 9.3 fibre, fat 5.5g, and 0.8g carbohydrate). I think it's over the limit of what we're allowed, but I like to experiment. I needed the variety too. Only prob is I also put lime juice in it (citric acid is apparently a big no no?). I'm interested to see if I lose anything at all this week. I'll be having one tomorrow too, and one the next day, and then one the day after...gonna keep off the scales till Fri morning if I can. I've decided I might go back to SSing around 5th May but I'm not too sure yet.

Wednesday - Success!!

You can probably tell by today's title that I'm happy. I couldn't stay off the scales and ended up weighing myself this morning. Despite having started incorporating food on Mon, my weight loss is not stalled. In fact I've lost another pound already. More importantly though (as we all know weight fluctuates on scales anyhow) the bodyfat percentage has budged a fair bit since I started. I don't trust the figure on the scales (necessarily) but I do trust the trend/change. The scale says I've come down from 37.8% to 35.5%, which feels like a huge achievement.

So, a happy day for me (despite having a lateshift later)

V :D
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Hi Dreamer,
3lbs a week is really good i'd be happy with that,Your doing really well.
I'm a similar weigh if my calculations are right!?!
Hi nce1, thanks for the message :) Yeah I guess 3lbs is an alright loss really...I'm just impatient when it comes to weightloss! I think you're right about the similar weight by the way.

Unfort this WI I actually put on weight (due to Sat evening and Sunday off due to parents visiting) but I do know it's just my glycogen stores replenishing. Hopefully I'll show a loss next week.



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Saw a new CDC on Monday

When I started back on CD SS this time, I had just been using left over packs, and then I decided to build up back to a normal diet. Thing is I had a fair bit still to lose, but I couldn't really afford to get more packs. Anyhow I've gone through my budget and I usually set a max food limit of £20 per week, but £15 for socialising (coffee, cinema, going out). So for the short term, both together add up to enough for me to afford CD. I'm not planning on more than 4 weeks though, as spending nothing on socialising is going to make me miserable if I do it for longer. I'll still meet up with friends, just won't go anywhere that costs money. By the end of CD this time, I reckon I'd be down at a weight I feel comfortable to start losing gradually from.

In other news....my first day back on CD was Tuesday 6th May. Today, Thursday, I spilt my chocolate shake down my beige sofa. I managed to clean up the arm rest, and am trying to dry it off with a hair dryer. One of the 3 cushions though got the brunt of it....so I put the cover in the washing machine...and the white lining inside went all "bitty" and some of my clothes look like they would if I'd put a white tissue in the washing machine with them. To top it all off I'm now feeling hungry as I only got to have about 2/3 of that shake maximum, plus I'd been to the gym (makes me more hungry).

So not a brilliant day really...


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Fell of the wagon

Well yesterday I went to a BBQ, and only planned on have a few veggies (peppers and the like, and only a tiny bit) but I ended up having lots of potato salad, lots of pasta, ate a continuous supply of crisps, and a piece of french bread with salsa on it, as well as a tiny bit of salad. On the plus side, although I've put on weight mid week, on the whole this week I've still lost weight, in time for my first weigh in with my CDC tomorrow. I'd hate to have put on weight for my first weigh in!

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