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W/C 9th November challenge!


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Hi everyone,

A few of us from the october challenge have decided to go ahead for another challenge! This time it will be starting this monday (12th October) and ending w/c 9th november. We'd love to have lots of you join and keep each other motivated!

This challenge is for a duration of 4 weeks (4 weigh ins). The first weigh in will be the 19th october.

So far the goals for this challenge are:

Precious - 10lbs
Sa89 - 10lbs
x Alex x - 6.4lbs
Lalalou - ?
Ness - ?

Come on everyone, sign up for this it'd be great to see some new faces!
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Precious - 10lbs
Sa89 - 10lbs
x Alex x - 6.4lbs
Lalalou - ?
Ness - 7lbs

Thank you so much for starting this up SA89, I loved loosing with you guys last month and I know it'll help this month too.

I'm going for 7lbs this time. It might be a bit much to manage but it's worth a try. I'm starting Zumba classes next week so hopefully that'll help shift the pounds.

Good luck everyone :D
Hey everyone..

First and for most THANK YOU SA89 for this new thread.. looks lovely in here ;-) feel abit lighter too ;-) heres to the next 4 weeks..

SECONDLY guys stay positive and think positive if u have a bad day dont let it get you down - pick yourself up and start again - we will do this weightloss journey together.. because WE CAN DO IT!!

The oct challenge was fantastic - this one can only be better!!

Best of luck everyone..


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Precious - 10lbs
Sa89 - 10lbs
x Alex x - 6.4lbs
Lalalou - ?
Ness - 7lbs
Kes- 10lb

i will join.... i would like to aim for 10lb, im starting week 3 of my journey next week, ahve done well so far, but sooner or later i will drop down to 1-2 pound a week... so lets see if i can make 10lb for the 4 weigh ins!!!
Good luck everyone else!!!!
I would love to join if thats okay (I need all the help and motivation I can get). 10lbs would be great (okay, more than great!).
hey Kes and Riley - welcome ofcourse you can join in would love too see some new faces... yay ur aiming for 10lbs too yeah? thats great :) best of luck what day do u noramlly have ur weigh in? Everyone on here has different days mine is a monday... no matter if its a loss or a gain do let us know ur progress.. what type of diet, excersise, lifestyle are you following if u dont mind me being nosy ;-)

Have a good day guys.. WE CAN DO IT!! Stay and think positive :)
I am calorie counting, and going to the gym 3 times a week. What about you?
I weigh in on mondays too. Weekends are the hardest for me to stay focused on my diet. So many distractions, and less of a routine. This weekend I have friends coming in from out of town, so I am really going to have to work at sticking to healthy foods and small portions and thats going to be a big challenge. But I have done so well all week, and I know there has been a weight loss (yes, I check the scales daily) and I don't want to mess that up over the next 2-3 days. During the week, with work and everything else (I have 2 kids), its so busy, its easier to stick to the routine (as long as I am prepared ahead of time).
Sorry, you asked a simple question and I started to ramble on...
Thanks for letting me join this group. I am excited!
Precious - 10lbs
Sa89 - 10lbs
x Alex x - 6.4lbs
Lalalou - 9lbs
Ness - 7lbs
Kes- 10lbs
Riley - 10lbs

Hello! Feels good to start a new challenge :D

I'm going for 9lbs this time I think, I *WILL* do it!


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Hi kes and riley! Glad to have you guys with us!

Riley- just keep your goal in mind, and picture what you want to look like when you are faced with temptation. It almost always helps me stay on track :)

Lalalou - That's a great way to start this challenge - positive thinking! We all WILL succeed :)
Yay SA89 well said honey :) Around of a applause for you :)

HeY Riley - thats great keep doin what your doing and you will be just fine.. your doin so well.. and as sa89 said keep your goal in mind and you'll have a fab loss at your weigh.. i so can relate to weekends mines sometimes turn into a "see food diet" lol everything in sight ive gotta have im not a fussy eater lol.. Enjoy yor weekend with your friends and enjoy the food but watch those portions too (thats the hard bit) ;-) and honey your not rambling feel free to say what u want the world is your oyster ;-) once again welcome aboard :)]

Helloooo Lalalou welcome so nice to see you (and SA89) doesnt it feel fab in here :)

Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck..
Thanks. Well I made it through Friday evening-- made and served dinner to friends, and somehow managed not to eat the bread or ice cream, so feeling pretty good right now (just salad and low fat home made chicken soup). Just need to get through the next 2 days the same way.
Thanks for all the advice and good wishes.
Hey Riley,
Well done.. thats fab!! keep doing what u have done and it u will see some good results next week, enjoy the rest of the weekend

Hows everyone else doing?


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im trying to do well thanks precious.
looking forward to starting this new challenge.
really want to do well....
hows everyone else doing?
Hi Kes Thats good to hear keep it up honey :)

Hey Everyone How are you all? How was your weekend? Are we all good??

I had my weigh in this morning and have lost 3.5 lbs so im well pleased.. An incident happened to me last week and so cos of that ive been of my food so im putting the loss to that. Have just lost my appetite at the moment but just need to pull myself up and ill be back to my normal self. Other than that my weekend was good with my family. Hope your all havin a better day :)

Keep positive everyone and we will do it!!
Lost 2lbs this week.
So, today is the official start of the challenge, right? Good luck everyone! I'm sure I'll be on here a lot.
Yes, Riley, we are officially on our challenge now!

Well done on the loss precious - 3.5lbs wow! that is a fantastic loss!!! Sorry about whatever happened. hope you are feeling better now though! :)

I've stayed the same this week, which is okay by me because we aren't on our challenge yet :p, well we are now!
Well, I've weighed myself this morning too, I'd forgotten about this challenge, but just fancied going on the scales, so I can now weigh on a monday too for this challenge!

Going to make a spreadsheet (saddo!) so that I remember my loss from Monday to Monday, because I normally weigh on a Friday and I'll forget otherwise! Gives me an actual excuse to weigh twice-weekly :D


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Wow, well done Precious and Riley... That's a fantastic start to the challenge.
I'm feeling all motivated now :D
Hey Everyone.. So nice to see you all this morning...

SA89 - well done still an achievement :)

Lalalou - yay u can now weigh at the start of the week not the end - i weigh myself daily TBH it fluctuates in the evenin but i think the readin is better in the morning ;-)

Kes & Riley - well done guys keep it up

Ness - Keep motivated girl lol..

Best of luck guys.. our challenge has officially begun :)

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