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Waaaaay Off Topic: Jade Goody

I know Jade is like Marmite - you either love her or hate her. I happen to like her. Yes - shes thick as two short planks - but i believe she has a heart of gold really. And I just heard the news her cancer is terminal, and she only has months left. :(

I know she's a numpty and all, but that has just really made me sad. :(

Particularly for her two little ones.

At least she had a taste of a good life, as her youth wasn;t very great - so she got to live a little. But its just very sad.

THis day and age, with all the technology, I have never heard of cervical cancer turning terminal so swiftly.

BLess her.
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Initially I thought publicity stunt, but as time goes by im convinced its real, cancer can spread like this through you system so its no unknown for it to happen albeit it has happened quite quickly as you say BL.

I feel sorry for her kids mostly, Jade I find to be rather annoying, racist, conceited and lacking morals. However that does not mean i hate her that is a strong word, i just dislike her as a person.

What really takes the biscuit though BL is the fact that she has turned her Cancer into another money making scheme by having a reality show on her plight, she has done nothing to raise awareness of cancer or help others, she is only concerned about her self. I don't agree her heart is not golden its selfish.

Now you did ask BL :)
i think its very sad.

i've never been a fan of hers - tho i have been watching the progs recently.
She isn't very bright (understatement) and the big brother incidents the other year showed a nasty side ,but the way she is dealing with the cancer has surprised me.
she worked all the way through her chemo treatment doing panto, whereas i think i would have just curled up and hidden myself away.

She is leaving two young kids behind and is working so they will be financially secure forever - what mum wouldn't want that for her kids?

i think its terribly sad and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, it could have been prevented.

I think it is highlighting cervical cancer - and hopefully many more women, especially younger ones will realise the importance of going for regular smear tests
I hope her last few months are as painfree as possible.
daisy x


Gone fishing
she has done nothing to raise awareness of cancer or help others,
Good to see the rate for cervical smears is up by 28% :clap:

I think it's dreadfully sad :( She hasn't got much longer now has she. Can't imagine what she's going through :(
H - I think what she is doing is very brave - sharing the experience - and if she makes loads of money doing it that will only benefit her children, its not for her and I never felt it was. I also think that is doing an awful lot to bring attention to the disease! I don;t think it's selfish at all - that is the last time I would want cameras around, but shes doing ot to set her children up. I think if you have th emeans to do it- then do it!

I agree - she has some bad traits, but I think they stem more from ignorance then malevolance. (sp?)

I am a bit surprised you think she has done nothing to raise cancer awareness when that is all she is doing by sharing the horrible stuff she is going through??? I think her target audience is youngsters and this will just drive home the importance of annual exams!!

I really do think she is just ignorant, not mean spirited.

And after growing up poor - with a mom like she had - who can fault her for tapping a source, ya know?

But yes - my main sympathy is for her boys. Financially they will be fine. But they will be without a mom for their whole lives - and that is heartbreaking, no matter who the mom is.

But I hear ya. Just disagereeing. :)

Good to see the rate for cervical smears is up by 28% :clap:

I think it's dreadfully sad :( She hasn't got much longer now has she. Can't imagine what she's going through :(

Exactly KD - thats why I don;t understand how people say shes done nothing to raise awarenes?? :confused:
AND - can I just add for the argument of giving money to cancer charitys - which I have heard other places - she doesn;t HAVE to. Just cause she has money. And how do we know , really, what she does with her money, or intends to do with it.......
Its good to disagree ;)

I hear you on the kids thing, surely after the millions she has already she does not need to gather any more cash for them.

If she did this i would have more respect. Make the show and donate all proceedings to the cancer trust. By keeping it all herself is Selfish what about other people out there that are dying, they dont get publicity or money to do a show.

Her kids dont need anymore, they are already going to be well off as it is and her brand names will ensure that for years to come.

So when she gives money to people suffering form cancer and decides to actually donate to cancer trusts then she has respect. Until today what has she done for the sick or poorly people, how much has she donated.... Zero, zip, nada.
I too am really sad for her children, as othes have said I'm not a fan of hers either but I wouldn't wish what she is going through on my worst enemy.
I had to watch my bro-in-law die of cancer last year and as you can imagine it's all still very raw.
I read that the Macmillan nurses are going to ease her pain at home and they are a blessing in such a horrendous senario. I can't speak highly enough of them!
I hope Jades remaining days are as pain free as can be and that she has as much time with her family as she is able.
Husey - when Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer, the rate for women getting checked skyrocketed. Jade's 'publicity' for want of a better word, will make a difference.

Jade is that she had abnormal results from the time she was 16. She'd just had some kind of gynae procedure but didn't want to go back to hospital for more treatment so she ignored the letters from the doctor. She was irresponsible and literally took a gamble with her life. That said, I feel sorry for her as she's paying the ultimate price, and it's tragic for her sons as well.
That was global, statistics go up and down and cant be pinned on anything, again evidence
Yes i agreed with Kyle you don't need to be posting that LS.

My point is about Jade. I can tell you as a Teacher we are personally raising awareness of this and have been for the past few years could it not possibly be another avenue is what I'm saying

There is no doubt people will do it out of fear after seeing a person they idolise on TV. But for how long.

There is always need for evidence how can you base a rational argument without it.

Granted you work with Doctors and you see more and more people coming in, but i don't think its entirely related to Jade goody, its a combination of things.


Gone fishing
But surely, it's not our concern anyway.

In the last few months of my life, I will have a choice (if I'm upright enough) to go to work, or to sit at home alone feeling sorry for myself.

What right would anyone have to tell me that by working I must do something to either raise awareness, or benefit others apart from myself and family?

Doesn't anyone just have the right to keep amused and earn money without feeling obliged to give it all away, or apologise for working in the first place?
Absolutely and lets not get caught up about it.

Yes nobody has the right to tell you to do anything, but when you are on TV and trying to gain sympathy, if you want to do it correctly then at least give something back to those people who have given you so much.

I think its rather selfish personally that was my point, to only expect to receive and never give. Sure she has the right to have fun, enjoy life make money for her kids etc but there has to be something you give back. Her kids are already well off, we are in the middle of a recession and im sure a little help to the cancer research fund would be welcome

That would generate the sympathy she is craving for.


Gone fishing
Her kids are already well off, we are in the middle of a recession and im sure a little help to the cancer research fund would be welcome

That would generate the sympathy she is craving for.
So even though the charities say that she has given them money, and everyone else says she has, you think it's all a big fib.

D'oh. Oh, your opinion that she is craving sympathy ;) Now I can definitely tell you haven't kept updated about Jade ;)

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