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Wafer thin Ham "reformed"


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Hi all

Was at class last night and my C was saying that wafer thin ham, beef and chicken or anything that says on the back "Reformed" now has syns......

However l have just checked online and it still saying its free...

OMG i eat loads and loads of wafer thin ham, thinking it was free...

as anyone else heard of this......
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SW tend to change their mind all the time. If you have checked online I would say go with that. I think tinned meats will have syn values as they have loads of additives.

Sue x
Reformed meat contains all the crap of the day :yuk::yuk::yuk: which I wouldn't dream of eating, i'm not surprised it contains syns, even the thought of it makes me feel ill :sign0137:
Hi Jack D,
I go to the morning group in the same area.
I have just texted the consultant checking this information regards to Tesco Wafer thin ham, and she has replied saying that she was told in a training meeting last weekend that reformed ham is roughly 1 syn per 100g


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well thats me not eating any more "reformed" ham, chicken or beef

but i think Slimming World need to update their Syns on Line


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I have always synned wafer thin ham - 1 syn per 100g (and chicken roll, beef that sort of thing)

Only 'fresh' ham off the bone i would say is syn free (once any fat round the edges is trimmed off!)



Still rockin' it
'Reformed' always makes me giggle.

Like the ham used to be bad, but has seen the error of it's way

....or used to be in an 80's pop band and they have just got back together....

......I'll get my coat


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Mmmmm wafer thin ham i hate the thick stuff ma mum always used to ask for the off cuts if she got it from. A deli so it was realy thin!


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I've never really bought the reformed stuff, but it was on offer in M&S today and thought it would be good to add to my noodles... Oh well..
......I always eat the Tesco value ham and chicken and got to target no probs...and i ate LOADS. Hmm interesting though I may stay clear of it now! budget reasons mean I wont be able to afford the 'proper' stuff so will have to syn or cut out altogether. rubbish!

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