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Wannabslim's SW diary - saying "goodbye"

Hi everyone,

I went to my first Slimming World class yesterday and am so excited about this new part of my weightloss journey! I understand the Original/Green day plan and the Extra Easy plan, although have no idea of what the Syn values are in things and am finding it tricky to get my head around the Healthy Extras... but still, today is my first day so I can't expect to pick it all up instantly.

Today I've done Extra Easy, and it's been ok although I've been hungry! I didn't have breakfast as didn't have anything in that was free or a healthy extra - was out of milk so even the Bran Flakes were out of the question :(

Lunch was easier - took a potato and a tin of spaghetti hoops into work, and microwaved both so I had a jacket pot and spaghetti, both as free foods.

Just had dinner of stir-fry mushrooms, onions, red pepper and bean sprouts (all superfree yay me), mixed with half a sachet of Tesco Hoi Sin Stirfry Sauce (4.5 syns). Served with wholegrain rice - very filling and totally yummy!

Have drunk coffee with milk during the day as my Healthy Extra A, but haven't had my Healthy Extra B yet - am thinking maybe I'll have some crispbreads with Marmite later on.

Need to go shopping for lunch and breakfasty type things, and also for some fresh fruit and veg to fill up on, and want to buy some things for main meals and some low-syn snacks. Only problem is, I've no idea what snacks are low syn and the book I bought is really complicated! If anyone has any favourites please let me know - in the meantime I'll check out the rest of the forum for some "syn bargains"!

I am really hoping this diet works - fingers crossed eh! All I can do is follow it to the letter (which I am), keep my food diary properly (which I am) and hope for the best (which I am!!!!).

Weighed in yesterday at a scary 12.2, and told the SW leader that I'd ideally like to get back in the 10's as my first goal... then we scarily worked out that my Club 10 goal is 10.13!!! So that works out nicely and actually will take me back to where I was when I got to my lowest on CD a month or so ago... scary to think I've put on just over a stone in so little time :(

In an ideal world I'd love to be 9st something (on the 10st side of the 9 stones), but will aim for 10.13 first and see how I go. So, for now, 1st 3lbs to go. Wonder how long it will take!

Wish me luck!
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Good luck on your sw journey,we are all here to help each other. If you need any help with the syns give me a shout and i will help as much as i can.
Dont go hungry.. keep muller lights in the fridge this will help.
All the best xx
well on a red day i just have plenty of crabstick and seafood in the fridge or ham. Then on a green day i tend to stick to the mug shots and pasta and sauces xx


Hello... and welcome to SW!!!
Grab and go stuff hey.... well.... you can have 6 extra light laughing cow triangles as a healthy extra so you could have those on some ryvita or I like them mixed into a jacket potato with some spring onion. Ryvita Limbos are only 3.5 syns (i think... will double check!!) a pack and are quite yummy. Also, a pack of ryvita minis is a healthy B.
I quite like having a bowl of mixed chopped salad in the fridge to grab when wanted. Mix in a bit of extra light mayo or some fat free vinagrettes.

Okay.... there probably loads more but I cant think of any!!!

Hope this helps in meantime and good luck xx


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Hey hun, you can do it! 1st 3lb won't take you long at all.

I always keep mugshots and low fat super noodles in my cupboard for quick free green snacks.
Hi Nikki,

Just seen you have moved to SW thats my plan to for when I am off the shakes to. Great minds and all that.

Good luck with getting the weight off before your wedding can't believe how the time has flown,
Thanks hun - and thanks Zo for the tips :) what are these mugshots I keep hearing about?

Well I did my first SW shop today - and it wasn't easy, but I got there in the end - no frozen food, ready meals, and hardly any convenience foods in sight - yay me!

I've bought looooads and thought I'd bore you all with my shopping list (as it may come in useful to someone - including me - in future:

Free foods:
Muller lights x12 'cos they were on offer
Lots of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, kiwi fruit, bananas)
Veg - (lettuce, potatoes for green days, plus onions, garlic and herbs for pasta sauces)
Stir fry veg
Spaghetti hoops for green days
Gammon for red days
Seafood sticks for red days
Dr Pepper Zero, Sprite Zero and Fanta Zero (all half price at Sainsburys- about 75p, so bought loads!)

Skimmed milk
Alpen bars
2 packs of laughing cow extra light cheese
Ryvita crispbread
Warburton's wholemeal bread.

Low syn snacks (4 or less):
Carbonara pasta'n'sauce (0.5syns on green)
Macaroni Cheese pasta'n'sauce (1syn on green
Cheese, ham and leek pasta'n'sauce (1syn on green)
Nutella (4syns per tbsp)
Treatsize cadbury's selection bag, containing:
Mini crunchie (4 syns)
Mini chomp (3 syns)
Mini fudge (3 syns)
Mini dairy milk (4 syns)
Mini dairy milk caramel (4 syns)
Mini curly wurly (3.5 syns)
Mini jelly babies (2.5 syns)

Hartley's No Added Sugar jelly pots (0.5syns each)
Flumps (2.5 syns)
Tesco's cheese curls (3.5syns per bag)

Off to bed now so that's it from me :) night all xxx


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Flumps (2.5 syns)

You make me laugh! I have flumps all the time now after Butlins!

Mugshots are like cup a soups but bulkier and with noodles in them, they are a great snack for green days. Asda and Tesco sell them in the aisle with the cup a soups I think

Hehe I do lurrrrrve flumps! Thanks for the tip with Mugshots - might try them sometime.

Just had brekkie but still hungry! Had 2 slices wholemeal toast with 1tsp honey (1syn), plus a muller light and a banana.... how am I still hungry?

Not really sure what I should do about still being hungry - think I'll take fruit to work with me and hopefully that will help.

Back tonight xx


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I have poached eggs on toast for breakfast. I find that very filling. Don't forget it takes 20 minutes for the 'full' signal to reach your brain!


I too have had poached eggs on toast!!! LOVE them!!! Sometimes have scrambled eggs and sometimes an omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms mixed in and an ounce of cheese as HexA. But yes, there are still some days that I can eat and eat and STILL feel hungry!! Usually when I am coming up to my *week. Most people crave chocolate.... I just crave food!!! LOL!!!
Not too keen on flumps myself, made the mistake of looking at the ingredients once and it put me off for life!! LOL!! LOVE LOVE LOVE cheese curls though!!! YUM!!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
I normally have a couple of weetabix then a mullerlight and a couple of satsumas, that normally fills me up. I tend to snack at 10:30 and then lunch then snack at 3.30. This way don't go hungry. Good luck with your weightloss journey xx


Trying again!!!
I've noticed that on the days I have either boiled or poached eggs I'm nowhere near as hungry as the days when I have cereal. Good luck with SW, xx
Thanks for your replies everyone! Will be trying poached eggs tomorrow then :) followed by weetabix with hot milk yummy!

I can't believe how much I'm eating on this 'diet' - seriously, I'm a bit worried that I'll actually gain... I'm not used to eating this much, although, I find myself constantly hungry - which is very odd!

Nightmare at work today, it was my colleagues birthday and there was cake. I had the tiniest sliver (which I then shared with another colleague who is on WW) but still worked it out at 6.5syns :( how annoying - most of my syns gone for the day.

Am struggling to stick within the syns - finding that compared with WW, SW is very limiting on what I can have outside of the "free foods". I know that's the point - that we fill up on that stuff and eat as much as we want... but what I find confusing is that a 50 calorie, no fat food classes as a syn, when something equally calorific and filling is "free". But I appreciate that this plan is not like any other and I need to let go of my previous diets to succeed with this one.

So, onwards and slimwards I guess! Went to the gym this evening and did a good cardio workout for 45 mins. That's twice so far this week. Am aiming to go again on Saturday and Sunday, so that'll be at least 4 hours of cardio plus any weights/toning work/swimming/cals lost in the sauna. Every little helps.

Am really craving chocolate, which is strange for me as I don't normally eat much of the stuff. If I still want some tomorrow I'll have one of my funsize choccies for a few syns, but I'm not allowing myself one today as I still have one A and one B choice to use up - am planning on having the Crispbreads with Laughing Cow extra light.

Hope everyone has had a good day xxx
I totally agree with you regarding the sweets on ww and sw. I find it hard to believe a bag of french fries is 4.5 on this and on ww they are 1.5 .
Its strange but i find this is ok when i am in the right fram of mind!


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But on WW don't you also have to use your points for fruit and main meals? There is so much free food you can have. Are you doing red or green days hun? I find that I get too hungry on the reds and with the level of exercise you are doing you would probably benefit more from the slow release energy of pasta
Yes but vegetables are free and fruit has low points values (not free due to the sugar content). Lean, naturally low fat meat like chicken is also v. low points, and the thing is the snacks that might be, say 7 syns on SW, would only be about 2.5 or 3 points on WW - so you "get more for your money" if you see what I mean... but that said, I like that on SW pasta, potatoes etc. are "free" - which isn't the case on WW points system, so it's much easier to stay full up and not feel hungry on SW, and for that reason I like it better.

I have been doing Green/Extra Easy days, but tried Red today and it was much easier - not because of the food I've eaten (didn't eat any meat until dinner time), but because of the breakfast I had. I followed your advice and had 2 poached eggs, plus a muller light and banana for brekkie - and it filled me up much more than I have felt on previous days.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon I snacked on 3 mini babybel light and 2 alpen light as 1xHexA and 1xHexB, plus I took a tub packed with grapes, strawberries and raspberries to work and had them at lunch time with a muller light.

So mainly fruit and healthy extras consumed today - better than previous days and I think I'm going to try and make future working days more like today! I did have a packet of Tesco cheese curls though for 3.5 syns.

Dinner was chicken breast (skinless) with lettuce, and a free sauce from last night - tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, herbs. Deeeeelish!

For dessert I had a Mini Milk for 1.5syns. I have also counted in today's allowance the treat-size packet of mini jelly babies and treat-size crunchie that I had yesterday, so that now I'm "quits", and today's syn total including those things comes to 11.5 - so lower than other days, which is good. I feel like I'm getting there now, it's just taking a little time to get used to.

This weekend I'm going to a friend's birthday party - we're having chinese takeaway, so I'll have a green day and get something low syn like a chow mein and a few vodkas - am going to aim for 10 syns tomorrow :D



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Once you get used to it it's really easy. Looks like you have really got to grips with it though! Chow mein is 5 Syns and vodka is 2.5 per 25ml shot

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