Wanted: Cambridge Men!!

Hello All,

I am interested in any stories from men that have been successful using the cambridge diet....or are nearer the end of their weight loss journey with Cambridge.

If you are interested and willing to be included in a story (likely to be a group story), please let me know.

Many thanks,
PR Exec - Cambridge
Kerensa I have a couple of guys in mind.

Will speak to them tomorrow when I get back home and let you know.

It would be lovely to have more men on the forum but I guess they are mostly like my husband shy!!!:(
well...hello..here i am, a guy!, and I have started CD 6 days ago and I have my first weigh in this evening. Has been a bit tricky as I am just recovering from Cancer and also am Diabetic so we have been monitoring extremely closely. I've been working on the 1200 cals plan for the first week and that has gone okay...will let you know what happens this evening! It will be nice to talk to you all and have a bit of support :)
Hello Piddy!!

Welcome to the boards and well done for starting CD ! Best diet in the world.

Look forward to getting to know you and glad to have another bloke on the boards.

Hi I am new to this site but have been on CD for nine weeks and have reached my Target and some.
I am now on maintenance desperateley trying to steady out.
At the moment still losing but upping my food.
Well, I'm a bloke, but I guess I don't count as I lost my weight with LL not CD, though am using CD to lower still further and manage.


Just read your thread and i am one of those guys. I started the Cambridge diet in August weighing 16 stone and 8lbs. I was feeling crap and depressed so i took the challenge and now i am now 13 stone 9lbs and still going. I feel much happier and glad i have started the Cambridge diet as i think it is great.

I'm Ray, lost 5 stone in 5 months and a CDC. I'm passionate about the diet, adore all my customers and love nothing more than to spread the Cambridge word. I've never dieted, but here I am fitter, healthier and have made loads of friends along the way, my life is so different thanks to the diet.

It's just as easy the second time around

Hi all, I'm Nigel

I'm now 5 Stones lighter again, with only another 1 to go.

I lost 5.5 Stones 17 years ago on the cambridge diet but the last 10 years of sitting behind computers did not help me keep it off so I quit and became a cambridge counsellor instead! Now after being back on the cambridge I want to run a half marathon and keep it off.

Do you think I took this lifestyle change a bit too seriously? lol

Hi, just started the CD 6 weeks ago after 20 years or so of trying everything ............... although I did do very well at getting bigger each year !!! So I thought stuff it I'll try this fad diet also. However what a shock after 2 weeks of hell (and wanting to eat my left arm) I stuck at it and I've gone from 19.7stone to 17stone in 6 week, which will do for me. My targets are now set for 16stone for Christmas Day, 15 stone for Easter and 14stone for July 21st, which is the date I fly to the US for a three week holiday

I must say this is now quite easy although I must admit I had no intention of staying on this 100%. What I mean by that is if we have a night out I will (and have) broke the diet and yes I've gone straight back on it, it stops the fat burning for a few days but it starts up very quickly. In the last 6 weeks I've only had three days off the diet and my next break will be the end of Nov for a works do.

I have to say the CD is fantastic but don’t drowned yourself with all the water LOL
Hiya all,

I lost 6 stone last year on CD and am back on it now due to some weight gain, and the desire to reach an even lower target this time. If I can help, I would be delighted - let me know.

Started this crazy diet in the beginning of November (starting weight 23 stone, current weight 18.5 stone). The inspiration came from Ice Moose online blog, and the fact that i could lose so much weight in a relatively quick time. Also, i was getting bored with food in general (yes that sounds bonkers), but i kept on eating toast or sandwiches, as i lost my apaetite for normal dinners.

I ate normal food over xmas - for around 4 days, and i also ate on a couple of different occasions (only for 1 day or so) , but i have a strong will power, and have found it really easy to get back on the diet after eating normal food. However,on each of the occasions which i have eaten normal food, this was due to circumstances out of my control (eg attending interviews which includes being taken for a meal)

I'm finding the diet really easy, and the only tough bit was getting past the first week. The key is to drink lots of water (i drink between 4/5-6 litres a day), and to keep busy. I never feel hungry, but when i think of food, i just start to crave it rather then really needing it.

I'm hoping to get to my target weight by May time, just in time for summer :)
Thanks :)

Once you lose your first stone or so, then i think its plain sailing. Just take the diet week by week, and you cant go wrong is my motto.

The diet is brilliant, firstly you've got this forum for support and encouragement

Secondly you are motivated by the weight loss you can achieve in a week (4-6 pounds a week is superb)

Lastly, its amazing to fit into smaller size clothes, and get people coming up to you saying 'you've lost a lot of weight and your looking great'

I feel more energetic also, and never feel tired in the mornings like i used too.