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Was just wondering... CD & Alli?


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am really not interested in trying this combo myself, as can only imagine
a)how dangerous it must be and,
b) that theres no fat to absorb anyway

but has anyone been tempted?

only posting as i saw an advert for it and i count myself lucky that i am only a small bit o/w (and came to CD giving alli a wide berth as only heard yucky things about it like 'wear dark clothes in case of leakage' etc)
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I can honestly say I've never been tempted by Alli. You can't use it while on CD, as you say there is no fat to absorb-but if I wasn't doing CD I wouldn't use it either. A friend of mine used Zenical and she had terrible side effects from it. She said that it obviously couldn't tell between good fats and bad fats, so too much of anything and she was forever on the toilet. Not nice.


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I personally would never use it!! All sorts of things can happen to you and they dont sound very nice! Especially sorry if tmi but you can poo yourself.. just anytime!!
You cant use it whilst on CD anyway.. but it definatley would not be something I would use x

lunar jim

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My sister's friend is using it, I've not seen her for a while but I'll have to quiz her on how it's going!

Can't see the point of using it while on CD though. With it being a fat blocker, there's no fat to block so surely it's just a waste of £50 or whatever it costs...


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There would be no point! Alli is only effective if your diet consists of 30% (I think - 15g per meal). As CD shakes / bars have less than that it simply wouldn't work. Plus CD is carefully balanced so that we get all the essential fats we need and if you take Alli with that you lose some of that fat which would not be good.

So no, haven't considered it! :)


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not considered it with CD, but i must say that i dont really see the point of it in general....
It doesnt teach you about not eating badly....only that there is a get out of jail free card with taking the tablets!
I've had Zenical, and you know the layer of fat on a spag bol if you dont get the fat out at the beginning??? Its like that coming out your bum as soon as you eat something with a fat content!
So all in all, i will stick with "acceptance" and "control"....if i want to eat something with a high fat content at the end of the diet, i bloomin will....but i wont try and cheat it out of me...i'll go the gym and eat healthily for the rest of the week! :)

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hiya xenical/orlistat/alli is all the same thing! it may be fairly n ew to over the counter but has been available from doctors for years. i had it ten years ago and was practically incontinent! i wont go into detail but wouldnt try it! even when i eat plain food still had problem. stick to cd it's brill.if you think of trying alli you can get it free from docs under the name of xenical/orlistat but will need lots of spare pants! lol!


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I have used Xenical in the past, prescribed by my GP and if i ate low fat (which is what you are supposed to do when taking it) I did not have any bad side effects...there again I did not have great results either! If i did eat high fat foods....well then there was a price to pay!!!......happily I work home based! I know everyone has their own reactions and choices to make...being obese has health repercussions in itself but it also seems unhealthy to multi diet with different substances all at the same time. There again I can quite understand the desire for the quickest results possible.


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Before I started CD I bought a months supply of Alli. I think it was desperation. It sat on the shelf as I read more and more about it trying to pluck up the courage to start it, and then I began to think it wasn't such a good idea after all.

It's still there now, untouched - but I broke the seal and loaded up the first 3 into the carrypack for when I took the plunge... but I'm so glad I didn't. There was absolutely no desperation when I heard about CD - it just clicked :)

Possibly the Alli was my weight loss low point and helped kick me in the right direction.


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i took xenicol, double the dose from the counter alli, and it wasnt pleasant,but, i dont think alli would work with cd, and would possibly be dangerous x

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