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wat keeps u motivated


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hi, ive only bn two weeks on sw and im already starting to feel de motivated, i dont know why, i think maybe cos all the strawberries, raspberries and most of the other fruit isnt nice and juice yet, its got no taste at the minute, i wish it was nearer summer so that its all juicy and lovely.
anyway still cant get motivated maybe after my first stone loss i will feel different, heres hoping xxxx
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Sorry to hear you're losing motivation. It's a b*tch when that happens, but we all go through phases like that. You need to keep ploughing on and get through it - don't give up! It's so easy to slip back into old ways and before you know it you've lost even more motivation and you're back where you started. So keep going :D

If you love the summer fruits, try getting the frozen berries from the supermarket. They're great at this time of year, and usually work out much cheaper too, with the added bonus of not going mouldy in the fruit bowl if you forget to eat them!

I am finding that melon and pineapples are great at the moment, and you could eat lovely juicy oranges for a more seasonal fruit hit.


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Just think of all the lovely clothes you will be able to wear, and how good you will feel.
That was what kept me motivated.
You have done so well, so keep it up!
Agree with Helliecopter - look at the fruit which is in season at the moment. Oranges at this time of year are lovely - my sister just told me that Aldi has some fantastic oranges in their 49p selection this week.


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Looking at myself on the mirror, especially in the morning sans clothes :D I find is particularly motivating ;)


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Keep your food varied and exciting - think of all the non-SW foods you want and make them SW friendly. Tonight I'm doing an Indian feast of shami lamb kebabs, Indian spiced potatoes, spiced carrot and various dips. Completely SW friendly and not at all boring.
I refuse to buy berries in the winter/spring months - they do not taste of anything at all and are expensive. I buy the frozen berries like Hellie, much cheaper and taste good.
SW isn't all about fruit, there's so much other food you can eat hun.
I've been doing this for a long long time now and although I lose motivation and get bored occasionally I just think of how far I've come (every pound counts!) and it makes it well worth it.


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My motivation is my mini goals & challenges.

I have a lot of occasions coming up so i like to set myself a little challenge for each one, and by creating mini challenges it keeps me pushing myself to acheive them



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I'm with Pesty - lots of baby steps!


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Tonight I'm doing an Indian feast of shami lamb kebabs, Indian spiced potatoes, spiced carrot and various dips. Completely SW friendly and not at all boring.
Sorry O/T.... I would LOVE the recipe for the shami kebabs please!!! My absolute favourites, but I would hate to think of the syn value from a take away!

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I love the frozen berries with a Mullerlite yoghurt with chocolate sprinkles over the top of it...delicious! Jaylou is right, make your food more tempting by taking your non-SW friendly meals and making them SW friendly....there is a recipe on here for KFC style chicken drumsticks and they are fantastic...even my 4 year old loves them!
My biggest motivation is my Daughter, but also fear...fear of waking up once again with chest pains, fear of being super morbidly obese again, fear of losing my identity.
Shami Lamb Kebabs

Place one small red onion, 1 red chilli, pinch of ground cloves, 1/2 tsp fennel seeds, 1/2 tsp pink peppercorns, 1 tsp turmeric and a handful of fresh mint into a food processor and whizz together.

Add lean lamb mince to a bowl and add the onion/spice mix. Add an egg yolk and mix well to combine.

Shape into 8 small shami kebabs (patties)

Fry in fry light for 3-4 mins on each side until nicely coloured and cooked through.

Make a dip with FF natural yoghurt, chopped mint and lime zest.

Serve with a squeeze of lime juice and the dip.

Syn free!


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I'm with pesty and alwyn as well baby steps really help! Although I did fall off the wagon last week, I've got back on it and remembered my biggest motivation...

<<Wearing THAT dress (see avatar) to my 21st birthday, and looking great in at least a size 12 in July! and wearing fab clothes over the summer in general!

Also 2 other people in my office are on SW, and I go with a friend so I find this all very helpful to!

now im all excited and motivated again!! =D x


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One thing that helps me is doing lots of different recipes, I exploed the mags and slimming eats, and all the different food I am eating is helping me not get bored. We already have some firm favourites. Like we love Brit mums ultimate burgers, we love homity pie and the SW sausages, Jan/feb mag and beef stroganoff march/april mag and we love the carrot cake which i make into fairy cakes. Brit mums scan bran cake. Lamb and root stew.

We try to keep things as varied as possible and I look forward to eating my meals. I think planning and the cooking and the satisfaction of eating all the yummy things I prepare helps keep me on track.


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i try to set myself mini goals and then reward myself when i get there. For example, i have my eye on a gorgeous top. I could buy it now but it would look so much nicer on me a size smaller, so when i get there, the top will be mine! ha ha. Also i have felt a bit deprived now and again, so i allow myself a naughty treat just once a week. It can be whatever i fancy, Large glass or 2 or 3 of wine, cream cake, choc bar etc. I see what i am craving that week and providing i am good all week and stick to my 10 syns per day, and try to excercise 3 times a week. Then come the weekend i have my treat. Today i ate a hot cross bun that my 5 yr old son had made at school, and i can honestly say it was the best tasting hot cross bun i have ever tasted! probably because i know deep down i shouldn't have had it. but it was worth it!


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Everything really, my classmates (all of which are size 10 or smaller), success in my future career (Mostly thin people are taken seriously in the fashion industry), health (don't wanna die young), my fiance (want to get married in a size 12 dress) and years of taunting ( I don't wanna be the fat one anymore).
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i want to be married in a gorgeous dress that i look gorgeous in.. and i want a 'normal' sized people ring lol rather than a massive size for my stuppid stubby fingers haha, and i want to be a mommy, some day, years in the future, but i want to chase after my babies without being out of breath, and teach them healthy eating so they never suffer like i did.. and i want to have a cute baby bump, not a silly bloated look haha x


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This is going to sound really horrible, but at the moment my motivation seems to revolve around big people.

Twice this week I have had incidents where I almost went off plan and while waiting in line or walking to the shop I saw a really big person, similar to the size I was when I started SW, buying what I was going to buy. It really made me realise that my food choices have consequences and that no treat on earth, no matter how much I want it at the time is worth the misery of being overweight.


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