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Water Challenge - who wants to join me?

We all know how water is so good for us and a great boost to weight loss but are we drinking enough? I know I'm not!

So....in order to see what effect it has on the scales, I'm planning on making sure that I drink at least 2lt of water a day (as well as sticking with plan this week!).

Next week is due to be my star week so maybe drinking more water will help with a loss but it will be interesting to see if the extra water helps or not!

Anyone want to join me?
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Me please!
Drinking water even on a * week will help Hun...dont ask me how or why, but it does! Lol...Im at that stage this week too :(
I tend to STS or lose/gain 1/2lb around star week so we'll see if the water helps this week! Nearly finished with my first litre of the day!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Me too!!! Im at the gym later, so will include this as well. Im not including the tea or coffee that I have drunk in this total...just good old plain water!


Silver Member
I told my c last week that i will drink more water this week to see if that will help with my weight loss, well i wont no until later but i didnt drink loads in fact its taking me longer to drink 2 glasses of water with a bit of juice in it than having 4-5 glasses of diet coke ummmmm wonder why lol.

So im in and i no its gonna kill me argggghhh good luck all
Me too. I used to be SO good with water, gallons and gallons of it. But now I'm rubbish. I have my diet coke and maybe a pint of orange sugarfree cordial. Rubbish!

Count me in.
Count me in too :)

I am rubbish with drinking,I barely even have one glass of water it terrible! So this will be a massive challenge for me (especially as I am the kind of person who needs the loo after like 2 sips it seems ha!) but I am up for it yay!xx
Count me in i drink way to much diet coke so 2ltrs of water will defoo be a shock to the system, the only annoying thing seems to be going to the toilet every 5 mins lol xx
I'm up for it. I am tea mad and although I sit by a water cooler at work I rarely drink any. * week just arrived so anything that can help would be good:D
I shall see what happens this week. I drink water but prob only a litre a day. So far I've done 1.5lt and might try and get another litre down. I'm already peeing loads! LOL


soon to be skinny minnie
I'm in too, i hardly drink anything to be honest, maybe a couple of cups of diluting juice or fizzy drinks but never as much water as i should.

Think i will go for 2 litres per day for a week and see how i go.
I'll join in with this as I am completing my Food diary 100% for the 2nd week running.Completed my food diary 100% last week and lost 2lb so I am interested to see if this will change with more water being drunk.

I'll be one of the laboratory guinea pigs in this experiment. :)
Hi guys

I tried to drink more water than usual last week and managed to loose 1.5lb so I am convinced that this works. Hope that spurs you on.

I will join in with you this week too.
I'm in! I started trying to decrease the amount of diet coke i drink and increasing the amount of water last week for the following reasons:

1. i've been having trouble sleeping so need to cut out caffiene in the evening.
2. to help me lose weight.
3. to save money.
4. to give my teeth a break from all that acid.

It's funny though, i should move my desk into the toilet and work as that is where i spend most of my time now LOL


shrinking granny
count me in.

the only fluids I have is.

some milk with my brekkie
a cup of tea in the afternoon and...
a glass of water with my dinner.

from tomorrow I will drink 2 litres of water a day
I've done 2.5lt today - woohoo!

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