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Water Fast

Not sure what a water fast is but why not just start LT straight away?? You will be geting your essential vitamins etc and get off to a great start to your weight loss!! Just water contains nothing but errrr..... water!! Not sure how healthy that is xx let us know how you get on whatever you do xx
Its just a detox. Gotta drink loads of water though. Some peeps on youtube lose 18lb in a week, lots of it is clearing the system out though.... Yuk !! Lol
Jemmy, be really careful about drinking too much water hun, it can be really dangerous. It's called water poisoning or hyper-hydration and people have been known to die from it. You say 'clearing out the system' but by drinking TOO much you also 'clear out' all the electrolytes from your body that are essential for life. Not trying to scare you or put you off...just a word of caution. Good luck with you journey xxx

Ive looked into this water fasting, and I had read that it is good to fast at least once a week (basically just drink water) it cleanses the body of all toxins and it helps to maintain weight. That maybe something I will be willing to do once a week once losing the weight I want to. I dont know about doing it for 100 days (some people on youtube have done this and lost 80lb!!!) I dont think i could just drink water my self but I would be able to do it one or two days a week to de-toxicate myself. x
Jemmy I lost 12lbs in my first week of Lipotrim (it got rid of excess fluid). I'm not sure that starving yourself on water for 7 days makes much sense when you can feel full on 100% Lipotrim. If you only have 20lbs to lose then you could take this off safely in 2 or 3 weeks. I hope you succeed in whatever you do but this seems extremely hard on your body to me.
am i being daft or is this water fast just water and no food for 7 days??? sounds mega dangerous if thats what it is :-/
Hun if this is just water and no food I think you need to seriously rethink. It's crazy to do something like this and I personally know someone who drank to much water and basically caused an imbalance which has left her with no sense of taste or smell- poor girl gets no pleasure from food or drink anymore...


Now 40% less fat !
I've got to echo everyone else's concern, this water fast sounds soooooo dangerous! Do think again hun!:confused
I've looked into it, its perfectly safe, not much differant from Lipotrim as there are so few calories in Lipotrim and I wont be doing it long enough to be depleating nutrients. Im sure you get this kinda of thing when you tell people you are doing lipotrim people swearing its dangerous and you will die,,haha... Im just detoxing and my body will be kicked into ketosis the same as it would with Lipotrim. Im feeling great anyway. Hungry but hey ho thats not a prob as Im determined. Im to start taking a fibreclear every second day lol. Thank you for your cercerns though and I have definatly noted the one about when you drink to much water it can kill you. I have heard of this before but I can assure you I will definatly not be drinking anywhere near the amount to do that. I googled it after to check on that, thank you .... Hope your all having a fab day. speak soon x x x x x x
i agree with you Jemmy, if youve done your research and your only doing it for 7 days then go for it!! Everything is bad for you at some point. But its you decision so good luck to ya x
Im on the Lipotrim now, ive lost 21 pounds, im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy :)

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