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Water intake

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So folks, throw your best tips at me for upping my fluid intake. I have always been notoriously bad at remembering to drink enough :eek: (and that's as a mum who has been breastfeeding for the last 5 and a half years and so should know a heck of a lot better!)

Hints, tips and advise please
:ashamed0005: How do you make sure you are drinking enough?!
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I carry a litre bottle and count how many times I empty it :) x

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try to maybe add ice flakes or cubes to make a ice cold smoothie type shake.

I struggle too with the intake, I know tap water is fab.. but I found treating myself to some bottled water, I brought 'Love One' water, all their profits go to help finance water projects for those in need) It is only £2 for a multipack. I tried refilling a litre bottle but found I was always put off by how much I needed to glug, and daunted so drank it too fast and almost felt it sloshing.. but thats probably my failure :S

So by buying the little 750 bottles, I find they are easier to carry out and about, and a lot less daunting. I do of course refill with good old tap water when I run low and to make up my amounts. But I like treating myself, and it helps others, so rather than a take away I buy bottled water.. silly I know. But the action of sending money on myself gives me a little thrill and means I am less likely to waste it by not drinking it.

Quite a few of us are trying the lolly recipes too, so that helps to increase the intake.

I also add more water to the soups to make them less creamy, about 350 to 400ml, I find them more palatable, more fluid intake, and they go a little further :D
Every night i fill up 3 litre bottles of water and put them in the fridge...i do that so i know to drink it all before the end of the day lol
i drink from 2lte bottles hun..so that it feels soo much easier when you get halfway through the bottle coz then you know you only have 1lte left from the 2ltre bottle from which you have been drinking and if you space it out throughout the day then the water will b gone b4 you know it...though truu in some cases it does feel as though the water is never ending in the bottle lool..but it does work on most occassions hehe
Might I ask, are you breastfeeding right now? If so you should not be doing a 'sole source', total solution VLCD.

Breastfeeding is contra-indicated since 600 daily calories would be far too low to keep your body going healthily while you feed a child. Please don't do Total if you are still breastfeeding!

Good luck x
S: 22st6lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 2st8lb(11.46%)
Ack - knew I should not have mentioned BF :( My youngest is 2 in a week, so whilst yes, I still BF him a couple of times during the day/night it is by no means his sole source of nutrition and it is stated on the Exante contra-indications
Breastfeeding (where mothers milk is baby’s sole source of nutrition)
so I have researched whether it was suitable before commencing.

Sorry if that sounds wholly defensive but I have been jumped on before for this and find it a bit offenensive that anyone would a) think I would commence such a huge life change without adequate research and b) would put the nutrition of one of my children at risk to lose weight :sigh:


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S: 27st7.0lb C: 16st11.0lb G: 12st13.0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 10st10lb(38.96%)
I guess there are those who would, even if you wouldn't. So I think it was said with caring, not to cause offence. I guess when a person mentions breast feeding most people think of a baby and not a toddler. I mean, my son is nearly 2 and his teeth would scare the hell out of me lol
S: 22st6lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 2st8lb(11.46%)
LOL yes, which is why I apologised if it sounded defensive but as I said it's something that has been raised with me previously (esp as all my friends and the majority of those I know are long term breastfeeders). Unfortunately most people assume any mention of BF means a small baby, generally under 6 months, which is why in my original post I said *has* been BF not *is* hehe to avoid the issue!

As for BF a toddler...I may as well admit now that I am not your mainstream kind of mum LOL I'm a rather hippy, odd, attachment parenting, cloth nappying, co sleeping, baby(well toddler nowadays)wearing, breastfeeding, home educating, work at home mum. Generally found knitting lentils :8855: (well, it's a lace shawl at the moment but I'd probably knit lentils if I wouldn't be tempted to eat them!) ;););)

And thanks for the tips re: water intake guys...doing better today :)


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i used to have 6 beads on my window sill and they all counted for a glas of water, evertime i went to the kitchen i would down a glass and put a bead to oneside then i knew how much i drank. but i am fine now i have a litre bottle which i fill and make sure i drink at least 2.


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Hi nyree, sounds like a mega busy life you have there :)

I find tap water a bit much some times

I fill a bottle and let it sit, it seems to make it more palatable

Somewhere on here I asked about drinking water and exercise
One wise massive loser ;) who is 9stone lighter now said that no
Matter how much she exercised whilst being total, it was the water intake that definately made the difference

Drink 2litres a day for a week- lose 2lbs
Manage 3 litres a day = 3lbs

No doubt science says otherwise, but in the face of a long term dieter like that , it's worth a try
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I drink a glass of water whenever I go into the kitchen (at home).

If I am thirsty I make myself drink two glasses.

At work when I leave my office I make sure I have drunk my glass and then fill it up as I walk back in.... the IT men have recently removed our local printers so I have to leave the office regularly to go the big printer.

After three weeks it's now become a habit.

Oh - if I'm really bored I buy sparkling water which helps get more down. What an exciting life I lead!

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