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water intake

hi , i found an article in a magazine its quite scary actually because this woman drank too much water and now she has brain damage! any way it tells you how much your suposed to drink.

"the absolute daily minimum we should drink is 1ltr of water, but your urine is a good test to make sure your drinking enough it should be a pale straw colour. anything darker and your not drinking enough.
Experts generally recommend that the ideal amout to drink is 8 tall glasses or 2 ltr a day."
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I think you have to drink A LOT of water in a short amount of time to die of "water intoxication".

I personally drink probably about 3lt a day. I drink a lot during my workout and then use it as kind of an appetite suppresant. I have found it helped me to drink a big glass of water a little while before I eat.


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Unless on a VLCD you should aim for 1-2l per day but when working out have more as you will only be replacing what you are sweating out.

Too much water will wash the sodium out of your body and make your levls dangerously low which is what can kill
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I never reach 2 litres a day, and apart from one glass of fruit juice per day I never drink anything but water. I guess I'm just not a very thirsty person!
I've just replaced alot of my tea/coffee/juice with water, so cant do any harm. I heard about a girl who died on the radio after having a drinking contest. I think moderation is the key with everything.


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Definately. We are all told of the healthy options but the dangers of excess are never highlighted. Even some fruits and vegetables can be dangerous in too high quantities as can an excess of vitamins. Everything in moderation is definately the key
I was told by my physiotherapist that I should not drink more that 2 litres or 4 pints of fluid over 24 hours unless it is warm weather or I’ve been exercising.

I was asked to record all my fluids including foods with high water contents like soup or fruits. She felt I was having too much fluid. It was also noted that I go to the loo every hour and half even through the night. She said generally I should be emptying my bladder every 2 -4 hours and that this tends to be reduced through the night. I’m not diabetic or have any related illness.

I have tried to reduce it but think its habit as I’m always sipping water. She suggested that I try wetting my lips rather that drinking if I feel that my fluid intake is creeping up.

It seems to be such a difficult thing to get right.

Aislinn x

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