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Water Question


A New Woman
S: 173lb C: 157lb G: 150lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 16lb(9.25%)
Even when I'm not dieting, I drink water, between 1-2litres a day because I like water.
Once ketosis kicked in, I am constantly thirsty. By 5.30am, I'm awake, dry-mouthed and with a slight headache that goes when I start drinking water. I am having over 4l in a day...I got up to 6l yesterday because I was at home and didn't have to worry about getting to the loo. And I could have had more, if I hadn't worried about safety levels.
During the week, I was practically panting for water at the end of day at work because I can't glug away to my heart's content since the toilet is floors away and there isn't always the opportunity to make a dash for it between lessons.

Is anyone else experiencing increased thirst and how much water is TOO much?
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The water safety levels depends on your weight, height, age, sex etc (the usual). Im like u and can drink two litres of water when I am not dieting. If this is the case your body is used to the water and can take more. Because I am tall, I have been known to have 6litres a day and its been fine!

The key is not to drink too much in one go..6litres over 24hours is fine, but that woman on LL who drank 4litres in two hours -well thats lethal, she wasnt giving her body enough time to process the water. (If that makes sense)

I think I read somewhere that 8-10litres is the ultimate limit.

I get more thirsty at the beginning of a TFR as well, I think it may be the concentration of vitamins and minerals but also our body gets lots of water from food, so where you actually DRINK 2litres a day, your body is probably used to 4litres..does that make sense??


Are We There Yet?
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I make sure I drink 2-3 litres from my bottle. Then I drink 3 flasks of herbal teas. This way I know I have had my allowance. But I will drink more if my thirst dictates (but I am 6 ft 2 and very big lol)

I agree with Dream. As long as it is spread out over the day it is ok. When we eat this way, we are no longer having the water from food. So we have a lot to compensate for :)

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