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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to minimins, but since reading your posts i've noticed that a big problem that keeps propping up is water consumption.

I fill up 2 2litre bottles every morning and tske them everywhere with me (even around the house). This way i know exactly how much i'm drinking and i know i have to drink them before the end of the day.

Try it, it works.;)

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I use a new bottle of Drench a day and just keep refilling. The bottle is 750ml so I know 3 refills and I have done 3 litres :D

Its a sturdy bottle and still small enough to fit in my bag.
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I make sure mine is wear I work/sit in the evenings and always room temp - I can glug gallons that way


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I've found it easy since the water flavouring. I make up 1 litre as it says then pur into a 2 litre bottle and top up with plain water. Once I've had that through the day I just try and add another glass of plain water with dinner and I'm there.

Before that flavouring I was getting no where near enough water.


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i use a litre sports cap bottle and a 500ml bottle. i take both to work and drink them making 1.5l in total. then i know i have 3 1l bottles of water to drink when i get home to make sure i have my 4.5l :)
Hi All, Im quite confused now after reading all of your posts...... I thought the minimun daily intake of water was 2.25ltrs, which is just over 4 pints? Some of you say its 4ltrs.....I dont think i'd be able to drink that much! Can someone clarify for me please?


Hi I think the minimum is 2.25 lts but I was advised to up it to 4 litres and I think that is probably the same for most of us. Once you have adjusted to drinking that much water it comes a bot like second nature! Does to me anyway! Any how I would definatley advice drinking more as I really believe it helps with the weight loss. Godd luck hun x


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Yeah the minimum is 2.25L - I have a 2L bottle on my desk at work which I drink whilst at work from 9-5.30, the glasses I have before work and after plus the cups of tea are additional!


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I drink at least 3l a day as you are supposed to have more if you have tetras and bars and i have both lol. I keep trying to up it but am sick of getting up in the night!


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