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Water urgh!

Like I said in another post, my wife is also on Exante and cannot drink water. Dhe drinks the flavoured drinks from Sainsbury's which is the the same as the ones you have described and she is in ketosis and has not affected her weight loss but and it is a huge but, it may not work for you. They are not really allowed but if they work for you then do it.
well maybe what i should do is force myself to drink normal water all day and then have some flavoured stuff in the evening and pretend its sparkling wine! lol. Good luck to your wife too!
Welcome Buffki.
I confess that I drink perfectly clear flavoured water, otherwise I won't meet my daily water target. I mix it 50/50 with plain water. I think it is better than your larger and lime and wine at present.
Hi Buffki, initially I found the water a challenge, but once you get into the swing of it you'll get really thirsty anyway. I know enjoy an ice cold pint of water, so there's hope! it is by far the best way really.
as a water lover i am very lucky and can drink it plan and like it better that way,

however i have a friend who could not drink water ?? she said it made her sick ,

i find giving her really ice cold water helped, but that's not always possible,
i was wondering if you could maybe put a tablet sweetner in it ?? considering they are ok to use maybe melt them with tiny bit of hot water then add to your pint or 1tr what ever your drinking at the time ?

as for my friend she know drinks water all the time you just have to turn the corner with it,
good luck ! - xx


reaching my goal
well i tryed volvic strawberry flavoured water with no suger and only 4cals per 250ml and it took me out of ketosis today so i wasnt pleased . guess you live and learn


reaching my goal
ok hun good luck for weds im sure we will pop our heads over the fence to see how well we done x

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