Water, Water, everywhere. Any Tips ?


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I am in my first week and I am learning little tips and tricks to handle the copious amounts of water I am drinking, such as going a certain way to work that ensures that I pass a bathroom at about halfway. I am also making sure that I stop drinking about 1.5 hrs before I go to bed so hopefully I am not running to the bathroom all night which also seems to work too.

Anyone have any other tips or quirks to help with the amount of water we have to drink ?

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Drink green tea lots, it helps with your water intake and because its warm doesnt seem to send you to the loo as much, also drinking carbonated helps bring variety into it, if you go to Costco you can get 30 500ml bottles for a fiver...bargain.


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Ok, I know I'm probably in the tiniest minority here but I love hot water! Have you tried drinking it warm? It doesn't send me to the loo too often and I'm drinking more than I should at 6 litres at day. Try it... you just might find it ok.


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6 litres a day blimmin ekkkk x how do ya manage ta drink 6 litres a day?? I am in awe x


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variety is the key for me, I drink at least 3 bottles of 75cl water a day plus black coffees, black/green/mint teas and soda water now and again. By just carrying around a bottle of water I find myself drinking from it frequently. Lots of trips to the loo, but reaping the benefits by feeling great and flushed out!


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I know it's not officially allowed, but on CD, you can buy their own water flavouring, Sunshine Orange. It does nothing to ketosis, as it is allowed on CD. It has no calories, just sweeteners.
Since I swapped to CD, I have not gone out of ketosis at all.
It makes a wonderful change when you've got to that 'water is boring' phase.
You can prob buy it off Ebay.
Helen x