way hay hay - done the 12s


wohooooooooooo well done you!!!!! What a brilliant achievement
congrats ............i ordered the 11s but there must be a postal strike .....waiting at 12-2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
WELL DONE!! That's how I have been feeling since yesterday...you just need to shout it out!!!! hahah
:) That must be the true feeling of accomplishment. Enjoy it while it lasts, you'll be in your 10s soon.

Just 3lbs for me and i'll be in my 14s. I can't wait.
Wow! well, done. you must be thrilled. It's lovely getting into the next stone - my next will be to be in the 20's and I can't wait to get there, but to be in the 11's must feel brilliant!!
Fantastic, keep that feeling, its so good x
Well done.
Just needed to shout it out.

Done the 14s
Done the 13s
Done the 12s

The scales this morning said 11, yes 11st 13.

Didn't think I'd ever get this far. Yippeeeee. Only 1stone 7lbs to go now.

well done dani !!! clap clap clap yepeeeeeeee !!! :cool:
Thanks all.

It is absolutely down to this site I have kept my spirits up. I am partly doing this diet for health reasons (the other because I hated how I look).

I'm having back problems and need to rule out being overweight as a contributory factor (it's not the cause but engineering dictates if too heavy = extra strain).

I am so so please I've lost these 2.5 stones relatively quickly, once I've lost the next stone I can decide what to do about my health.

Thanks to all for the support