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Wedding loss

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by BRUNTY554, 12 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member


    i am getting married in 20 weeks and need to lose four stone for my big day I however I know that may be a bit tricky as I have been on SW ee for three weeks and only lost two pounds....grrr

    so I thought I would start a diary on here so others can see if I am eating the wrong things or point me in the right direction as I do t know where I am going wrong and I am desperate to lose the weight

    today. I am on ee

    breakfast. Aldi benefit cereal 4.5s
    Milk from healthy extra a

    lunch. Spaghetti bolognaise made with extra lean mince, passata and peppers and pasta

    dinner. Not sure yet maybe a home cooked jacket potato, cold gammon and green beans I think

    i have a stock of free muller yoghurt so and mug shots if I get peckish in between and apples

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  3. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    In week four now and really praying for a loss of something. I weigh in on a Saturday morning but I had a sneaky peak this morning and it was exactly the same as I have been for the last two weeks. I know weight fluctuates throughout the week so I am still keeping going but I just don't get what I am doing that isn't working for me

    today I will have

    breakie. Two aplen light he bs. The old ones. And milk from he a
    lunch will be uncle bens rice 1syn and tuna and some veg. Apple
    dinner. Pork. Potatoes and brocoli

    i tend to eat syns in the evening and I have my full 15
  4. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Had a good week on ee plan so fingers crossed for a loss at my weigh in tomorrow
  5. lentil2

    lentil2 Gold Member

    Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow......
  6. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Thanks Lentil2
  7. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Yeah 2 pounds off finally. So happy as I didn't sts again. So in four weeks I have lost four pound so a pound a week isn't bad.

    lets go for another two this week
  8. Target_Rose

    Target_Rose Full Member

    Hi, good luck on your 2lb weight loss! It's a good motivation losing weight for your wedding isn't it, I get married in just over 15 weeks :)
  9. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Omg 15 weeks. I hope all is going well for the preparation of it?

    i get married in 20 weeks I think it is now and yes it is good motivation
    have you got a dress yet?

    i have started looking but not tried any on yet
  10. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Sts this week. I know it isn't a gain but I feel I have been on plan this week

    i need a more constant loss so I am going to try the green plan this week and see as back in the day I lost 2.5 stones doing green as ee wasn't around
  11. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    Well day 2 of following the green plan and for some weird resin it is taking me a while to figger out what I can eat...how odd!

    i did ok yesterday and today is going well I made leek and potato soup and ate that for lunch and plan to have chicken dinner for tea.

    i am also going to brave the swimming pool tomorrow and Tuesday after work as I need to start exercising as it is only 19 weeks to my wedding...gulp
  12. BRUNTY554

    BRUNTY554 Full Member

    2nd week of green completed. Weigh in tomorrow. I have done lots of body magic tHis week
    every day I have either walked for 45 minutes or went swimming for twenty minutes which. I thoroughly enjoyed as hAvent been for years

    just eaten half a ciabatta roll with lurpak and gammon on as peckish. I hope that doesn't affect tomorrow too much as I have been ok all week

    i went 10 syns over today

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