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Wednesday hour x hour


longs to be average!
Hi Peeps,

It's hump day!!!!

Supposed to be on a course today and tomorrow, but has been cancelled as I was the only delegate!! Was so looking forward to two days out of the office.

Well I am wearing my suit trousers today (you know the ones I've not been able to wear for 2 years) and a shirt I've not been able to get around my belly for a long old time. Wonder how many comments I'll get today?????

Have a good day - good luck with any WI today.


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Shame about the course Corey but the fact that you're wearing those clothes should keep you smiling - I'm on a course today too, they'd best not cancel mine :)

Can't believe it's only Wednesday, really should be Friday as I'm shattered!

Good luck to everyone with weigh in today.
Morning everyone! Well, in work at silly o'clock, only cos it's warmer here than it is at home!!:D Here's hoping British gas turn up soon and fix my boiler!

Had my leccy blanket on last night, was sooo toasty, although my dace and nose were cold! Bit difficult to get out of bed really!!

Well, I got a Wii last night, what a palaver! Went to the edge of town Argos, they didn't have any, so they reserved me one in the town. Drove all the way there, went to the car park, realised it was pay for a minimim of an hour, so then drove out to the street and found a space there, 20p for 15 minutes. "That'll do me!" I thought, parked up, walked right to the end of the street for the ticket, then walked to Argos - horror - the machine didn't recognise my reservation number!! Arghghg!!

It was the OTHER Argos (who would have thought a small town like Worthing would have 3 Argos's!!), so then had to get back to the car, drive to ANOTHER car park, then get into the other Argos and get the Wii!!

Bit of a mare though, none of the three shops had Wii Play, so then had to come home and log on to t'internet and try and get one off there! But I think I've done it! Also ordered another Numchuck - hope hubby appreciates it! He better blimmin use it!!!:rolleyes::rolleyes: - his birthday is a week Friday so at least that's the panic over, just got to wrap it and hide it now beofore he comes back from Bristol!!!

Boss is out today, that's why I'm on here!:rolleyes:

Hope you have a happy and warm day, keep glugging!!:D
Hey peeps!!

Thanks for the jeans GG!! :)

I came in to work, feeling a little down about my neck problems and what lies ahead, and found a letter on my desk! Much to my surprise, I got a raise and a nice bonus! Based on how this past year went, I really did not expect anything, so well chuffed and that lifted my spirits a bit! I have been so skint, that it is such a relief now to put my bonus in my account and have a little cushion! Its always 50-50- if I will go into my overdraft, so now I shuold be able to avoid that for awhile. Phew!! As long as I stay away from the charity shops!!! ;)

Enjoy your boss-less day GG!

Bummer about your course Corey, and have fun in yours Katie!



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Morning All,

I woke up feeling really good today. that hasn't happened for awhile.
Corey I am also wearing clothes I have not been able to fit into for ages and ages well 4 years to be exact.

My boss is in Madrid today so I have the time to get all the filing done and make sure her diary is tidied up.

Hey BL I am happy for you that you got a nice increase and a bonus. Extra cash always helps.

I am going to see the Eagles tonight I am sooooo excited!



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We paid a fair bit for the tickets but its one of those that I really did not want to miss.
One of my fav songs is

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses
You've been out ridin' fences,
for so long - now.
Ohh you're a hard one.
I know that you've got your reasons.
These things that are pleasin'you
Can hurt you somehow.

I wonder if they wrote that about food.:rotflmao:

Oh and the new album is really good.
I'm going out to meet a friend and her son today at a farm park near us, so I will have to get dressed before lunchtime.

I went to the gym last night after missing a few weeks and I did almost my whole workout which has made me feel better. I have yoga tonight and I might go to the spa before as a reward for being good all week.

Hope everyone has a positive, uplifting day even though it's grey and cold outside.
Well folks, really peed off today, feel really down and cant seem to get on that wagon. Will write on my confession thread, dont wanna spoil your happy mumblings.

Tange - love the Eagles my hubbie will be so jealous, he can sing and often sings the Eagles numbers. It was when I heard him singing i feel in love with him. ahhhhhhhhh.

Great about the rise BL, and good about your trousers, wont be able to call you baggy trousers any more Corey.

GG when I was reading your post at first I thought you were talking about a Weigh In and got totalling lost at first:D. Glad you got one in the end.

Have a great day at the park Mrspnutand well done for getting on well at the gym.
Hey BL, well done, am pleased you got a raise, you deserve it, :) Hi all, was unable to post anything yesterday, been sooooo busy.

Anyway my HR Manager at work yesterday had a quick catch up with me and said that he is concerned about my diet. He said he wants me to stop as soon as possible, he thinks im obsessed, however no body understands. I have PCOS, i way 12st something and have to get down to 10st. I have been doing this for over 6 months and even though i would love to start RTM (as have been depressed about LL lately), im still going to go all the way.

Also was supposed to have my wisdom teeth operation this Friday, but cannot go ahead unless i start eating food from today onwards (as this will affect the general anthesetic). So i have decided to delay it until Sept( however i will be down with Devlopment and RTM by then).

Hope all is well!
Lady, just noticed ur pic, whowwwwwwww weeeeeeeeeee, AMAZING! You're a stunning Lady! Very sophiticated i must say! Good on you.

Everyone on here are very pretty and beautiful, don't let anyone ever make u feel any different, cos there are jealous people out there, who don't like to see us happy! We are lucky we can see, hear, walk and still breath! :)
Ok guys, now i am fed up! My HR Manager just had another catch- up with me to say that he want's to haev another catch up with me in a couple of weeks to discuss about my diet! It's got nothing to do with him! None of his business, he's trying to act like my Dr and I hate that!

Also another worry of mine is that I am 2 weeks late on my periods. (I'm not pregnant, i know that). However i have always been regular and on time (but before staring LL and 1 month after starting i didn't have my periods for 1-2 months). I also have PCOS, however i have always had regular and full periods all my life! Do u think it's cos i have been depressed about my diet lately, i just hope they come back! It's a worry as i have PCOS, as well as being on the LL diet! :(

I work in HR, just tell your HR person politely but firmly, that it's nothing to do with them!!

Also, my TOTM has been all over the place since LL, sometimes here, sometimes not!!

If you feel really down on LL, why not try RTM, even just for a couple of weeks to see how you get on with it? I did that last November, so had a bit of a break, I then felt ready to go back to abstinence to shift the last stone (although it is taking a bit of a struggle!!)
Thanks Green for the advice! He is sooo nosey and interfers in everything, i get sooo worried i do! I even said to him politely, its ok, im fine thanks and don't need a catc up and he said no we will! im fed up!

I never thought about doing RTM then going to abstinence, is that allowed then? I think i may try getting down to 11st exact then perhaps start RTM to shift my last 1 st! Not sure yet!


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Hey Slim, all I can suggest is ask him if it is affecting your work. Soon as he says no, then you say in that case I would like to keep my private life private but thank you for caring. You are such a determined lady I suggest you do what you feel comfortable with. Let us know how it goes. And if its on your mind, maybe you go grab him and say you need to talk to him now. Good luck hun.
Thanks Tange. I have just emailed him (i know im such a woosus). Cos he emailed me saying about the catch up. This is what i said-

Thank you for your concern, I promise you everything is fine. If you don’t mind, I wish to not talk about my diet as this is my personal thing and only discuss things with my nurse, doctor and diet counsellor. I really do appreciate it that you are concerned, but everything is cool.

Please understand it’s a personal thing and not a work matter.
I find that offensive, that he is coming on so strong to you Slimss. Seems out of order to me, unless it is affecting your work, which I can't imagine it would be! That is, as said, what you need to ask him directly. If he says no, thank him for his concern but remind him you are a grown up and can handle it. Seems a bit invasive if you ask me!!

Good luck hon.

Oh, meant to add, my LLC was fine with me doing RTM for a bit then going back to abstinence, she said she would do anything to help, rather than me giving it up completely and having a big blow out!
Thanks BL- Tell me about it! Well he hasn't replied yet, when we had a catch up yesterdya he said that he is worried it will be affecting my work and i said to him, it hasn't nor it won't! Then yesterdya i have my performance review meeting and my Manager praised me and said that I'm doing a gr8 job, just lack in confidence in myself (which i am trying to deal with). So he was there and heard everything. Anyway I still haven't had a reply from him yet in regards to the email. Will let you know as soon as I haev heard.

Green- thanks for letting me know about that. I am going to see if I have survive until 1st May! My sister is coming over from Ireland then and we are planning to celebrate her belated 40th Birthday, so i may even eat a tiny bit of grilled chicken with salad (indian food, at a dinner/dance event). Not sure yet! She hasn't seen me since I have started however she has seen my progress on facebook.

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