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WEDNESDAY - Lets do it hour by hour

Morning all,

Hope you are all well, dull and dreary here at the mo. Drunk 1 litre need to get water down early to day as I have my first weigh in for development tonight(although techinical my 14th week). Already had a chocie drink.

I should be measured and get my foundation photos tonight - ;). I really cant believe I have stuck it this long and nor can my family, they all knew what a pig I was (well lets say a very very very healthy eater with a very very very very very very large appetite:D - sounds slightly better than a pig:cool:)

Really busy at the mo, so if i dont get on, but I will try as I get withdrawal symtoms, good luck to you all.

Feeling good today and keeping my fingers crossed tonight.
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The very good news is I bought some large support tights yesterday and they fit like a glove - I used to be XL - whey heyyyyyyy.

Little things please little minds:mad:


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Hi Lady,

I love it when things like that happen. I am wearing a skirt that is sitting on my hips if I give it a good pull it falls off so have had to use a pin. think it is the last time I will be able to wear it. :D Also my x large tights are slipping down and sitting round my ankles double:D

I can't believe it Wednesday again. I am not doing that great on the water only had about 500 mls, but then I have two litres in the evening so I should get the other 1.5 litres down quite easily at work.

Have you dusted off the treadmill yet?

Hope you all have a healthy happy day.

No last night I indulged myself in something other than food. I love the Catherine Cookson DVD's and at 5.30pm sat down to watch the free one from the Daily Mail, and I didnt realise it went on for 193 mins. The OM was a bit peeved, but it kept me going til bedtime.;)

Will defo need to get the dust off the treadmill as i have put my name down for the Fit for Life race in July.

Bye bye baggy pants:D
Hi All, hope everyone is fine this morning! Have drank 1 litre so far, got my WI tonight, hope I have lost something, as I have started exercising slowly and last week I remained the same!

Still get a bit upset though, as I have lost i think 6 stones now and I am 13.13 stones and am a size 18. I was told that at this weight one could get in to a size 16. I don't know what size I am, i have been fitting between size 16 (loose tops from Evans) to size 20 (jeans). I really don't know.

My belly, hips, thighs, bum, arms, basically everything is still soooooo big that I am finding it sooo hard to change the shape. Have started exercising so hopefully in a few months I will start seeing the difference, would love to be wearing at least a size 14 by May (when it's my B'day), but really do doubt it. :( . Get down about it.
Morning everyone.
Well done LL and Tange with the tights =]
I saw myself in a pair of shorts this morning (only my PJ'S) lol. and was kinda happy with what I saw. Obvously not excited or anything but my legs are looking alot better =] hehe.
Im on day 33 today- one third of the way there! scary stuff! and exciting too! hehe.
have a good day everyone!!
Slimseaa - Please moan, thats what we are here for. You are usually so upbeat and positive to everyone else, so today it can be your turn. Get it off you chest and then start anew.

You sound a bit like me, you look slimmer because you carry you weight in places it is easy to hide. Are you probably bigger at the bottom than the top?

Now dont let is get you down. I find it hard to get down to the next size and when I read other threads think how quickly other people have got down to a lower size and I am staying the same. Mind you people are always commenting on how I have lost in my face - DOH. I reckon I now have a size 10 face - LOL.

You are doing all the right things, so keep going it will defo pay off in the end, you just have to be patient. Oh I wish I could invent a patient pill - could do with one myself. Remember muscle weighs more than fat, but it burns more calories.

I think us littlelies are gonna have to realise we are not gonna have long legs like Twiggy, but they say good things come in small packages.;)
slimseaa you can not put a weight with a clothes size because of people's differering heights and body shapes.
Last week i only lost 1.5lbs but i went down a complete dress size so the two things dont always go together. You will get to the size 16 soon.

Today i have been up since 6am, had the builders round, ordered new doors to be delivered and mooched around on here a lot. I have got to get some food for my H and go on another trip to the dump due to my spring cleaning :)

have a good day all
thanks bex :D
Good on you with the shorts Kellie.

I have put a post on chit chat re digital camera if you would like to look and see if you can help.

Nice to see you are still on Bex:)
Thank you Lady and Silhouettes, really apprecaite your positive comments! Thank you really needed that, yes you are both right! Lady yes we both have a size 10 face, lol! Just need to work hard on the other places! I am normally a patient person but lately i haven't been, just can't wait until the day arrives where I know what true size i am (and hopefully fingers crossed, a decent size). lol

Thanks all, love you loads xx
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Slimseaa you're not moaning and I think that you'll be at least in a 14 by your birthday if not something smaller. The trouble is that the sizes are different in all the shops, in fact they're even different in some single shops so it's really hard to find out what you are.

Stick with the exercising though as that really will focus on changing your shape.

I'm wearing everything from size 22's to 18's and in fact even a couple of 16's --- whereas I'd guess that I'm an 18/20 at the moment.

I'm peed off today as I can't get out of the 15's - been in them now for just over 4 weeks and I'm desperate to see 14-13 on the scales :)

Got a day off today as hubby is checking my car over from yesterday - he says that it's diesel that it's leaking but only in tiny bits - hope he can find out where from and get it sorted.

Right off to get a drink of water.............


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Having a better day today (so far!). :D

Have my drop in tonight. Going to exchange my soup packets for either shakes or bars. Hopefully will see a good weight loss as well. :)

Just entered the Race for Life, which is in July in my area.

Also (not sure if I'm allowed to do this or not...if not, sorry...feel free to edit my post!) we sponsor a dog through DogsTrust and I have some raffle tickets (20 of them) to sell. I'll probably buy a few. Prizes are £5000 (1st), £2500 (2nd), £1000 (3rd), £500 (4th), £250 (5th) and £100 (6th). They cost £1 each. If you're interested, send me a private message (I think I've got my options set to receive email from members now).
Good luck at your WI Casey and well done for the Race for Life, thats two of us now.;)


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S: 18st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
How in the heck do you edit posts? I can't figure it out.

Anyway, I wanted to say that my Race for Life is in JUNE not July.:)

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