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Hi all!

Anyone out there weigh in on a Wednesday? thought it might be nice to have some buddies to weigh in with (cyber-ly lol) every wk for support and encouragement.

Im doing my first WI weds 9th March (morning) then will post up how I got on anyone feel free to do the same :)
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Yeah I started my diet last weds so this wk is my first weigh in on weds (even though Ive been on the scales evry day cuz I just cnt help myself! lol) so lets both post our loss weds

Goodluck 2 u
Wednesday weigh in

Hi I have just restarted the SW plan again, did get to target a few years ago but have slipped for a while. Weighed myself on Wed 9th and have put nearly a stone on ARRGGGHH!!! I am away on a girls weekend in 7 1/2 weeks and also have a big birthday in June so would like to be looking good for that. I will be weighing myself tomorrow to see if i have if i have had my first loss so fingers crossed for me and everyone x

Cant get my ticker to work tho, have copy any pasted it but just get the script not the pic - any help on this please?
<a href="Weight Loss - Diet Ticker">
<img border="0" src="http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/t/wXiLNj4/weight.png"></a>
Hi every1! Sorry completely forgot to put up my weight loss last wk. So I lost 4lbs last wk and have weighed this morning and lost 2lbs which Im happy with :) atleast its a loss

Weird thing is tho I weighed myself yesterday (dnt ask, nightmare with my cat trying to weigh her before worming so had to weigh her with me then subtract my weight) and it came up 11st3 but when I have weighed this morning it says 11st4??? Have only subtracted 2lbs for loss (not 3) as today is my official weigh in so gonna stick with what it says 2day

and Lennie08 when you do your ticker there are boxes at the bottom with links in you need to copy the top box for this site (says bbcode) and paste it in your signature, hope this helps :)
hey all!
yeah i lost 3 1/4 lbs. better than my weigh in last week 1/2lbs. think my body went into starvation mode last week as i was having 1200 cals.
Hi all! Just starting wk 6.

So this wk (week 5) lost 2lbs again which Im really happy with :D as last wk was only 1lb but was TOTM so not gonna get to dissapointed and have had a loss everyweek so far so must be doing something right!!

Overall have lost 11lbs in 6 wks which is great! only 16 lbs to go, although may re-evaluate when I get there, think I may need to shave off a little more but gonna aim for my original goal atm and see what happens

Well done Shazza u are over the half "weigh" point now! lol keep up the good work every1 ur all doing great x
yeah lost 2 1/4lbs this week. "forgot" last week. i only lost 1/4 of a lb. still at least a lost. even after having a big box of chocs to myself.
Hi every1

So weighed in this morning and had kinda a weird result. I weigh myself on the wii board (for convenience more than anything) and it said I had lost 3 lbs this wk (yay go me :D) but when I went to the weight chart I was 10 st 13 last wk and now Im 10 st 11 so thats 2 lbs not 3!?? Dnt really get that so Im just sticking with the weight and saying I have lost 2 which is still a great result :D

Hope evry1 is having a gd week and not dreading easter too much coming up ARGHHHHHHHH!
Hi all!!

Have lost 2lbs again this wk :D :D Im very pleased really feel this is working for me
3 1/2lb this week. I am so pleased. I tried to make sure I had my syns this week and it seems to have worked. The challenge will be to keep it off as am away this weekend for my birthday and eating out all weekend.

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