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Week 1 W/I!

I'm really pleased! I started LT on Sunday, but wasn't as good as I could have been (thanks to KFC... :rolleyes:), but stuck to it rigidly since then and had my first WI today, and I've lost 8.5lbs! I'm really happy. It's definitely given me the incentive to keep going. I'd been saying for the last few days that if I'd only lost 3 or 4 lbs I was going on the maintainance - but I'll keep going with the TFR for now!

One question - does the funny taste in your mouth go away after a while? It's really annoying me - I'm not sure whats worse, the lysterine strips or the funny taste!

Thanks to everyone on here - your stories, postings and sucesses have kept me motivated!
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Says it as it is!!!
well done hun...and you dont taste the horrid taste in your mouth after a while..( you may still kill people , but hey as long as you cant taste it hehe) try drinking more water it helps get rid of it..
Great loss ...xx


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Thats excellent results considering your little downfall. I dont use the listerine strips, finding it hard to get them, so use the liquid instead, i tend to drink more water now and ive noticed the funny taste isnt as bad.

Oeuf. I'm drinking between 6 and 8 pints of water a day at the moment as it is - don't think I could cope with any more! lol! I'm not going to have anymore downfalls. I've started to enjoy smelling food instead of eating it - that's good enough for me at the moment!
well done on your loss x


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well done!!
i find peppermint tea helps with the taste.
Well done but keep out of the KFC you crazy fool!
Yeah - I'm keeping well away. I don't feel so bad, as I cheated on my first day - haven't cheated at all since Monday. I guess I wouldn't have lost the weight if I'd cheated on any other day!

It's deffo getting easier - just hope I can keep it up for long enough to lose what I want to. I've not got the strongest will in the world! lol!
Yes you have, we all have some of us just need a hand digging for it, good luck


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I've lost 8.5lbs! I'm really happy
Bibby! Well done!!!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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Excellent loss! Well done! Now behave!
Wow congratulations! Awesome loss :) Mmmm KFC... *shakes self* No! Don't want it, don't want it, don't want it, don't want it... (Do you think if I keep telling myself that then maybe I won't actually want it? lol)
Well, they do say 'mind over matter'.... It's not working for me though! :p

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