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Week 1 Weigh in


bye bye belly
that is awesome well done!!!!!!!


Sensibly losing :)
Well done hun!!! :) As you say, thats a big amount to lose in just a week and would take much longer on another diet!! Now go and ram it up ya OHs bum sideways....!! ;) LOL xx


Never Ever Give Up!
Well done fizz, great loss! I don't know what time you go for your WI but I always waited with my first shake till after I'd been (I'd go on Sat morning) so that you've got an empty stomach :) Keep up to good work! x
well done :)
Great start, well done :) x


Slim for summer
Thats still good, keep it up :)


bye bye belly
thanks all.

Doesnt feel enough for week 1 though. I was wanting atleast 8lb loss :D It doesnt help that today I felt like cracking and just started to nibble abit of chicken and decided not too. Ive had all my 3 shakes today an all, but I only had 1 yesterday so I suppose I can have another 1 today if I need it (its only 5pm and ive got a party to attend tonight!!!)
yaay well done fizz great loss :) xx


Must do it this time
Great loss,thats the size of a newborn...
Yeah, if possible u should get weighed first thing in the morning before any water or shakes then u know it's a true loss. I weighed myself one evening and I was a whole 4lb heavier than I was in the morning despite only having fluid!!!


bye bye belly
Thank you, I know I shouldnt be down but I see people loosing 10lbs and it gets to me cause ive struggled like hell since January to get going. But I know im going to do this now.

so much to loose - now youve put it in that term - im grinning hehehe! thanks for that :) x
I reckon it would've been 7 but 6.5 is not to be sneezed at either. Well done.
well done x

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