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week 10 weigh in

Some how i managed to mix up the weeks, having looked back at the weeks on LT, i see that i am on week 10 not 9 so had 4 weeks off over christmas,(i thought it was a particularly good one)

Is a left over cold Fishfinger and a few skinny chips enough to rein an entire weeks work? YES IT IS
so if anyone can think of a suitable punishment for me, please let me know,
1 LB off :wave_cry:
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You haven't got a lot left to lose so even one bloody stupid fish finger is a step too far.......

Punishment......let me think:rolleyes:

Ps....at least it's a lb down x
H Sandra
Yes it could have been worse, and i'm thankfull that it wasn't, i'm just so annoyed with myself, i reckon that i'm about half way, although i would like to 10.7, ideally, so thought that i would see how i look at 11, if not too haggard looking then go to 10.7, i can't say that is gets any easier as time goes on, it's still a fair old struggle,
hay ho onwards and upwards
how are you getting on with your new hip?
Fine thx everything is starting to mend :eek:

My sister's just been round and told me that my face is already getting too thin, don't think that's really the case it's just too saggy! We were debating as to whether or not it's best to try and sts at a weight that's a bit more than you'd like....rather than yo-yo at the weight that you want to be:confused: for me that means accepting that maybe I'm now at my ideal weight as it doesn't seem to want to down!
Hi Sandra
I agree, can't think of anything worse than looking like 1/2 a pound of scrag end!! i'm 45 in March, iv'e never weighed more than 14 stone, and don't have any saggy skin, except for my tum (2 kids) my face is that of a 45year old Grrr.... 20 odd years of dragging on fags, hasn't helped (don't smoke now) so i'll reveiw the old boat race at 11 stone, don't want to look like a hag LOL:eek:
PS still starving
Sam I was 50 in August and I honesty didn't appreciate how much younger a bit of extra weight makes you look.....I've never been more than 14 stones either, I'm thinking that maybe I will stop here.......if only I could spot reduce that last half a stone:sigh:

Ps well done on not smoking now:D
Hi Sandra, it's a difficult one isn't it, do you go down a bit further and have that 1/2 stone leway, and risk the chicken neck, or stop now, i look forward to that dilemma,
Mmmm that was a tasty digit, only kidding the boys still got 10 fingers
I must admit that I love being told that I don't need to lose any more weight! Even by my dearly beloved who absolutely hates me to be overweight!

You'll get there, have no fear:D

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