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Week 13 Weigh In


Here we go again!
Only 1lb gone this week. Still can't hit that elusive 4 stones!! Not sure why it's so low this week but at least it's a loss. Hopefully I will make up for it next week.

On the up side, I can now wear size 14 trousers from New Look!!! :D:D:D

Bought some in the sale thinking they will fit in about a month. Got home and tried them on and they fit lovely. Can't wait to wear them out. Also bought a size 16 from Peacocks, some black cut off trousers, but they are way too big and have to return them for a size 14 too!! I always found Peacocks sizes small.

Still, having a great weekend cos I have the whole next week off work, I need a break too, we've been really busy.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend, I will wearing my size 14s!!
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Congratulations on getting in a size 14 thats ace :) I think when you are so close to goal every single pound off starts to make a big difference.

Well done Bev and enjoy your size 14's xxx


Here we go again!
Thanks so much Catt, very much appreciated.

I still can't believe that I can wear size 14s! I'm shocked!!

Over the last few weeks the weight seems to have disappeared really quickly, not so much in weight but in size! Love it!


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Aww I'm so pleased for you what a fantastic feeling it must be. I've just noticed I have the same to lose as what you had to start with and I feel fab haha! It is such a long time since I was this weight though I actually feel quite slim :) x
amazing results! well done! ive just hit the 2 stone mark- only 3 more stone to go! lol, its so frustrating when you are in between sizes! im a size 15- yes 15, 16's are too big but 14's too tight, so i'll have to give it another month and another stone and go for them 14's but well done you two x
Well done on your weight loss Mini regardless of how small it is. At least you know you are losing inches to get into smaller size clothes. Good luck for next week and hopefully you will achieve your next milestone! :)
Well done Mollbreezer! Brilliant result to shift two stones. Here's to the next three, so roll on next week! :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Well done Bev...you will get that 4 stone next week,no problem!

Congratulations on getting into a size 14....lovely feeling - eh!

Have a lovely week off. Are you doing anything nice?
Well done Bev!
Its frustrating only losing 1lb, but its obviousely coming off in inches! :)
Emma x


Here we go again!
Thanks all for the lovely comments, always appreciated.

Iris, we're not going anywhere on this week off just need a break from work!! Really enjoying the time off, it's nice just to have a change!
Well done Bev!! :)
i am in size 14 at the moment,feels great eh.xxx


Here we go again!
Sure does feel great Donna. Size 14-16 was what I was aiming for but have a sneaky suspicion that I may end up in a 12! Who would have thought eh?
how are you doing now? ive lost another half stone and finally into a 14! still got over 2 stone to lose- but im sticking in there!


Here we go again!
Fine thanks Mollbreezer! In my last week now, finishing LT tomorrow and refeeding from Saturday and I can't wait. Really ready to eat now. You've not got much to go now either, when are you refeeding then? Can't be long can it? Good luck for however long you have left on this.

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