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week 14 weigh in

i am officially now under 10st!!! only just but i is there!!!!

0.4 away from a healthy bmi too.

on the down side - my love life is shot to shet - i havent been on here much because of it, but boy oh boy will i show him what he is missing out on.

why are men so insecure? I am sure he prefers me to be a big fat bloater - well tough luck matey.

this is all bravado by the way - i am crumbling really...funnily enough - it doesnt make me wanna eat though, the opposite if truth be known :confused:

anyways enough of my woes - hope ur all doing grand - will catch up with the forum now and see whats been going on

take care
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on the up lol
well done on ur WI hun, :)
as for the other, men pfft whats wrong with em (well most ) :p
it may be bravado for now hun, but you will be ok. time is definately a healer and if he can't except fat or thin then you will realise he isn't worth being with anyway. try and get yourself out with ur girlfriends and give yourself an insight as to what life could be like as a new single skinny you!! you may be pleasantly surprised! xxxx
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Well done for sticking to it during a tough time! Great loss, and so near to normal BMI, keep going. You are probably dead right, in that he is insecure, he will realise what he is missing, but by then it may be too late, somebody else might of snapped up the new you!!
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You've lost all your excess weight AND a dead weight who would just bring you down and your weight back up wman! You will get over this -and you WILL find someone who is man enough to accept you when you are happy with or without him. Some men prefer the insecure and low self esteemers cus they want to feel needed. You show him girl -when he sees you strtuttin your 9 st ass he'll regret it!

btw -SOOO JEALOUS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOL Congratulations. and good luck!

Dont forget that you can come on minimins for ALL kinds of support!


Peace Love Happiness
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Well done Lisa, thanks for coming back to us. Sorry to read your love life isn't bringing you joy. Wonder why some men prefer fatties?
wellll the gorgeous pair of knee high boots arrived this morning to go with the size 12 :O ever so slightly baggy kilt style mini skirt i have ;) .....my sisters b'day next week and i am gonna preen and pamper myself to perfection and go out there and give it some welly.....thank christ u cant drink on LT i would probs start blubbing and make an ass of myself.....see...Lipo saves you from alsorts!!! :)

thanks guys for your kind words....men can Foxtrot Oscar for the forseeable future....unless someone sweeps me off my feet when i aint looking.....yeah yeah chance would be a fine thing....

oh and someone said they wonder why men preferred fatties....my ex LOVED my new found confidence - in the bedroom that is - anywhere else was a diff story though. oh well his loss :D


a new way of living!
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well done lisa :D neck and neck, not had wi at chemist but home scales danced to 9.13.5 yesterday, and I am just in a 12 now, not baggy yet though!

are you struggling with not eating at all? it has killed me lately, dunno why, I guess after 12 weeks i've had enough of not eating, but hanging in there by the skin of my teeth!

as for men, I lost over 2 stone a number of years ago, and my ex was totally not into me at all! got really insecure too. i remember one night wearing just a size ten black mini dress, and high heel and nothering else, stood in front of TV (that he was glued to watching bloody sci fi **** or something)

the cheeky bugger only told me to move and turned up the volume!

3 weeks later his stuff was in black bags outside the door! ta ta matey and i have never looked back!

it was the best thing i did throughout my whole life (old fart at 37 now) I have never regretted it.

if a man aint making you feel good, if he aint sharing your joy and vibrancy, then foxtrot oscar indeed!

S: 20st7lb C: 20st7lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done Lisa on your weight loss!!

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