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Week 3 - lets get these scales moving!


Green tea advocate!!
Just thought i'd actually start a thread to say hello (i've been nosing round this part of the site all week! :D).

I'm Bex, i was on WW for a good year and a half and lost around 34lbs - realised now that WW isn't going to be a long-term fix for me unfortunately. I have PCOS and have read many many stories of people in the same situation as me - can't loose the weight! That is until they switch to low-carb.

I'm 100% sure this is the answer.

I started my atkins/low-carb journey on Tuesday. Its been a tough week, had my moods swings and cravings but i haven't detracted once! :)

As of Thursday my Ketosticks were showing a dark purple so i'm very much in ketosis at the moment.

Anyway, just a enourmous THANK YOU to you all for the MiM's recipes! :) Incredible doesn't come close!!! :D
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Green tea advocate!!
oh dear, noone wants to talk to me :(
we do want to to talk to you lol

welcome to the board....im just flitting between here and biggest loser america on catch up.....ill be back later x


Green tea advocate!!
haha - don't blame you :) Great programme!!
oooh welcome! :D i started yesterday and i'm finding it great so far! :D xx
I have PCOS also, and I found that I struggled to lose on WW and struggled to stick to it, on atkins I drop impressive numbers and I rarely have cravings :)

good luck x


This is for life
Hi Becky welcome :D
Great to have you aboard! Dont worry it will hot up tomorrow - i can barely kerp up


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks Beki! I don't feel restricted at all - the moodswings and downs i've had getting used to the diet are well worth it :) Cant wait to WI on Wednesday - its exciting!!


Green tea advocate!!
Ah!! Hiya everyone :) Thanks for the replys! Jools - its so inspirational to see how well you've done!! Thanks Kate and Taz - looking forward to getting to know everyone :)

One thing thats been confusing me today (5 days in) is that my apetite has reduced sooo much, before i couldn't eat enough - now i'm barely finishing a meal!


This is for life
Thats excellent - just keep eating whenever you are hungry and drink tons of water :)


A thin person in disguise
Hey Becky. I am starting tomorrow so I am not looking forward to the slump. Is it really bad? How are you feeling now? Has your energy levels increased? Keep me posted as I would like to share your journey x


Clean green leafy machine
Morning Becky

Well done on starting Atkins, you will love it. Gets a bit quiet here on the weekend but someone will always post :)



A thin person in disguise
Hi everyone first day for me and I have started with a chicken and bacon omelette. Loving this so far, but I know the withdrawals will be coming shortly. Armed with water decaf coffee and emergency supplies (out for most of today). How's everyone today?


Green tea advocate!!
Thanks everyone and thank for all the messages of support :)

My mood has really improved now - started feeling much brighter yesterday than i have all week. Its worth working through it, the scales are showing a good 5lbs at the moment - it would have taken me weeks on WW to loose that!! :D

I'm really enjoying the range of foods i can eat - i dont really feel limited and for the first time in my life, i'm not missing bread!! :eek: Started experimenting with my MiM's yesterday, i had a garlic herb one with some cream cheese - lovely!! :)

One thing that is puzzling me still is the appetite loss and i never know when i'm hungry? Has anyone else has this? :confused:

Rachie - from my experience so far, i think the postivies outweigh the negatives on this diet, you just have to hang in there :)


A thin person in disguise
Hey Becky.

How are you today I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. hank you for your kind words, I am trying to focus on all the positive posts on here and not to dwell on lack of job and huge weight gain over the last year. Had a real craving for s/f and cream for breakfast....bizarre and yes although I fell off the wagon yesterday, the loss of appetite is weird.

Your weight loss is amazing. Well done you. I am so looking forward to my wii fit avatar slimming down before my eyes lol!!!!

Hope you have a fab day xx