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Week 4, day 5 - love sunday mornings

I started ww last week after a long weekend away eating far to much chocolate again. I like ww because there are no forbinned foods, and for a girl with very little will power restricting food just does not work. I went to my first meeting last week tipping the scales at 12s 12. I have 1s 12 to lose and after my first meeting I went home the proud owner of the 'shop' book and checked out all the chocolate that I can consume... yummy. I have slowly put on weight over the last 4 yrs and now after going from a size 14 to 16 over christmas I need to start to go backwards, i did try my first ever diet just after christmas but not a good diet for me. I have really enjoyed the last few days counting my point (21 per day) and listing the food, i have remembered now much I enjoy cooking and surprised at how little fruit and veg I was eating. So here is the start of my diary...

BF - Rivita Goodness bar (1)
L - Bagel (3) phili (1) walkers french fries (1)
D - Cajin Chicken, rice and veg (4.5)
Snacks - curly whirly (2) apple (0.5) skinny cow mint choc ice cream.... yummy (1.5)

Im way under points today but thats because I was suppose to be going out for a meal so had a little breakfast, then didnt go out so through a quick bagel together... tut tut...
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dont worry, as long as you hit 14points minimum per day you wont do your body any harm, although it isnt recommended you go that low as you COULD go into starvo mode.

glad you're finding it easy enough - WW is great if you like your sweets - i love cadburys fudge and creme eggs and i regularly treat myself to them on WW :D fantastic! x
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
ps, welcome to the boards :) x
thanks bw, i didnt know there was a min points. I was told by my leader that trying to eat your points everyday is good. How many points in a cream egg, is it 3 or 3.5? I know ive seen it somewhere... Love cream eggs and only 20p in asda at the moment... ek!


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Cream eggs are 3.5, so delish, I love them! Welcome to the boards! I am sure you will be at your goal in no time! :D
P.S Didnt realise the asda information...gotta run! lol


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and welcome.
Good luck with your weightloss journey.
Its very friendly and helpful here,you will be addicted in no time at all...:)

im sat at my desk tucking into a nice chicken and salad bagel. I have used the fridge raiders, there only 2 point in a bag which i thinks pretty good! I have a nice cream egg stashed away for 3oclocks. Its fantasic weather, shame im stuck in the office, but i did get out for a little walk to pick up some milk. Swimming tonight so hoping at burn off a few of tho lbs before weight in on Wednesday
So todays tracker

BF - Banana & milk (2)
L - Bagel (3) Chicken (2) salad and low low mayo (0.5)
D - Chicken in bbq sauce (3.5) rice (3) roast peppers & onions
Snacks - ww yog (.5) apple (.5) cream egg (3.5)

Total 18.5 plus swimming (2) - 16.5

Is it just me who struggles to eat all of my points? I would have a bigger breakfast but I dont work well on a full tummy so tend to go for something small.

I got my first complement tonight, it was from my sister who is also on ww so maybe it was just out of niceness, but it still made me smile and really feel like all this counting( not that its difficult) is all worth while... bring on the weigh in!


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Hi jelli, I seem to have nooo problems at all eating my 21 points lol! Thing is I work 4 or 5 hour mornings (no break) so have to have filling brekkie dont really like porridge so have egg/ toast most days cos I can last till 2oclock with that mayb with bit of fruit inbetween.

keep the gd work up and those compliments coming x
good evening

its been a long day stuck in the office with the sun shining. Ive got sore arms today after swimming last night, the pain must be a good thing. I had a good run aound in the garden tonight with the kids and while they nipped out to the ice cream van I made myself some nice bombay popcorn, popcorn with a few drops of soy sauce, curry powder, salt and pepper. yummy all for 1.5 points!

So today its been

Bagel - I know, i know, im eating bagels every day but it was 2 for 1 in tescos this week and they need eating and my boys prefer porriage to bagels. anyhow (4) with flora

Lunch - Batchelors soupful (2) and there is so much in one of those pouches I couldnt finish it, walkers french fries (1) and of course a nice cream egg (3.5)

Dinner - Pittabread (2.5) loaded with peppers, onions, chillies & low fat cheese (1.5) and salad

Snacks - bombay popcorn (1.5) milk (1) skinny cow icecream (1.5) apple (0.5)

Total - 19

Weigh in at dinner time tomorrow, fingers crossed :)


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Hey Jellibabe welcome to the forum.. I must say to a fellow chocoholic you are much more focused then I.. When I get a taste for chocolate thats me done.. well done you for keeping the intake down.. whats your secret?
Yippe! Meeting this afternoon and ive lost... drum roll please.... 6lbs!!! I so happy, i know you lose a little more in the first week or so but I didnt expect that! Nice start and really got me motivated for the week! lovely!

So today its been
Breakfast bar (1) - I know its a rubbish breakfast but Ive not been feeling well in the mornings, and no not pregnant, but Ive just got some tablets of doc which should help so maybe tomorrow I will manage a bigger breakfast

Dinner - Soup (1) skips (2)

Tea - BBQ at my sisters who also is on ww so we had chicken & pittas (5.5) cous cous (2) salad and a skinny moo icecream (1.5)

Snacks - Milk (1) Curly Whirl (2) Bananananana (1) Apple (0.5)

Total - 17.5

Tomorrow my aim is to eat ALL of my points...
Cake in the office was not a good idea today.... and its wasnt the usual choc cake with a few blobs of icing, it was a 3 layer, choc icing, sprinkles, grated choc and flakes.... with a whooping 10 points per slice! ek! and i couldnt say no....

Breakfast - nothing :( bad bad bad but feeling ill this morning again, hope tablets work soon

Dinner - Soupful (2) but couldnt manage full bowl. Apple (0.5)

Tea - Salmon (3.5), noodles (3) chillis, onions, baby corn and green beans

Snacks - CAKE! (10) Milk (1)

Im shopping tomorrow night, but im going to write a list first and buy nothing else apart from whats on the list.
so todays diary really make you see why i named this thread chocoholic... I know its not good to eat like this, even if I did stay in my points but its better than a good day and then a full bar of chocolate tonight...

Breakfast - Bagel & light flora (3.5)

Lunch - Fridge Raiders (2) french fries (1) Yog (0.5)

Tea - Tescos Light choice Singapore noodles (5.5)

Snacks - apple (0.5) milk (1) kitkat (2.5) choc skinny cow (1.5) curly whirly (2)

20 points
I went shopping tonight so tomorrow I am going to try harder to not eat so many snacky food and eat bigger meals...


Wants it Gone!
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oh, 11 more posts and Im at 50! Does that mean I can get a ticker then?
Hey Jellibabe let me firstly say WELL DONE on your weight loss thats brilliant!! I hope you feel better soon and get a proper start to the morning.

Well done on preparing your shopping list in advance! I normally do that and find that it really works, but Ive been really bad these passed few weeks, Im studying at the moment (have an exam tomorrow morning) and my routine is completely gone out the window and because I havent planned what I will be eating for the week, Im picking up anything and then Im picking up the weight on top of it! Once 12:31pm (thats when my exam is over) hits Im back doing a proper list and plan, plan plan!!! I have even stopped doing my tracker so I have no idea what Im putting in my lips!

As for a ticker, as far as Im aware, tickers are separate to the actual minimins site, ie you dont need to have so many posts or so many reps to use them. Go to tickerfactory.com fill in your weight details, you can decide to do your measurements as well (I just do my weight), pick either pounds or kilograms (ww does it in pounds, so I stick to pounds, but there are loads of websites that you can convert all different types of measurement) and just choose your ticker and icon. Basically each week when you get weighed you log on to the ticker website add your weight that week, paste the link (which is the first one for minimins) into your signature and hey presto! It took me a while to get used to it, but its good fun playing around with it!

Im so sorry I didnt mean to babble on so much!!! I hope that helps or that I havent confused you even more! Im just in a "talking" mood at the moment!:rolleyes:


Wants it Gone!
S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:sign0007: post went in twice!
I treated myself to a new bbq, a very smart gas bbq. I got it home today and put it all together and stood back to admire my handy work and then drip drop drip drop, the heavens opened and its rained ever since :( Have i cursed summer? I have 2 sons, 3 & 5 and they love being outside, they have a huge fort in the garden and since the weather has been nice they we all get home on a evening and they play out while i slave away in the kitchen and miss out so not hopefully I can join them outside and still make a tasty tea. Apart from shopping I have cleaned out all of the garge today and my dad helped me carpet it, it took a good few hours and was hard work so i think ive burnt a good few cals.

Breakfast - Yummy yummy heathly living bacon from tescos, works out at (1)!!! Pouched egg (1.5) toast (1) mushrooms

Dinner - Small Jacket Potato (2) can of ww tuna & sweetcorn (1)

Tea - Pork Loin steak (3) chilli rice (2.5) and lots of free veg, Sauce (1.5)

Snacks - Milk (1) french fries (1) apple (0.5)

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