Week 4 Update


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Wooohooo, lost 3lb this week. :rolleyes:

Am delighted but of course want MORE as am a greedy guts!! :p :p :p :p

Am finally in the 11st bracket, having been 13st + for ages its a miracle.!!! and am really happy about it, so the 4 weeks I have been SSing have worked so well for me.

Get to do my AAM week now, so hoping that goes ok.

Its such a delight to be able to get back into clothes that have been in my wardrobe for ages that have been too small.

Just off to update my tracker now!

Deb x
WAYHAYYYYY!!!! Well done Deb, you're doing really well.:D
Congratulations Deb:) and very well done !!!!

Great to be in the 11's:D

Love Mini xxx