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Week 4 weigh in

I lost another 4 lb - how cool is that!! Im now in the 10's!!

I had planned to keep wearing my big clothes - to help me feel small but I think im starting to look a bit like a clown! I have to hold my trousers when im walking and I was told today with a concerned look that my clothes were looking very baggy

Should I go clothes shopping?
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Silver Member
WELL DONE hunni thats fantastic news in the 10s :eek: you skinny minni ;)

I think you should defo go clothes shopping treat yourself,you'v done amazing xx
Thanks lady lipo - I think your right I deserve it...

I still have a lot to lose around my belly so I think my target weight will have to be 9.5 but we'll see!


Silver Member
When im naked i look like iv a lot to loose too, but when im in clothes everybody tells me im perfect! Silly people eh lol

Maybe you just need to tone up a little i cant wait to start
i know i know i should hav been doing it all along but i didnt have the energy for best part of this im starting to get loads now tho :eek:

Go for it bring the mastercard and go crazy lol
Ive started toning up - the wii fit game is great for that. They have fab excercises - I do 30 mins every night. And I do 1 excercise for toning my tummy another for my waist and then one for my arms and legs - then I do a bit boxing and step arobics on it and finish off with a few yoga poses

Sounds awful doesnt it?? But I have to say its the most fun way to spend an evening and I can feel my waist is a bit sore today and when I push through all the fat I can feel is getting toned under there!


Silver Member
Im sure you think your bellys actually bigger than it is!
Silly billy lol

I got a tattoo on my stomach yesterday leading on to my hip, im going back to get the other side done asap lol i must me mad gonna look like a biker
That is so cool!! Id never have the bottle to get a tatoo on my belly

I want a tatoo but not one that is very noticable.


Silver Member
It wasnt even sore, i was lauging away with the fella doin it :eek:

Its lovely tho im very happy with it just need to tone up my belly a bit now and it'll look better!

Thats my second one i think i like standing out or something lol my other ones big too!


Dizzy blonde
I would say get yourself down to Primark or somewhere not too expensive and treat yourself to a few things. Don't go overboard (you can do that when you are at target) but a few nice clothes will keep your spirits up now!


Says it as it is!!!
Well done...beinf in the 10's must be fab...yeah, shopping is needed CLOWNS are SOOOO last year!
Tattoos are fab i have one right across my back ...its great becuase it stands out when i want it to but i can also cover it up xx
Lady lipo....cnt wait to see yours xx


Silver Member
Ill try post a pic of it later, but it might be deemed inapporiate like my michael jackson pic yesterday and be REMOVED hee hee its very low down a little bit of it is on my :whistle:
Very sexy lady lipo!!! I think my OH would have a heart attack if I got one down that low - I would have even more trouble trying to get him off me!


Silver Member
LOL... I think you should get a tattoo to celebrate your loss
a nice big one on your arm lol
Oh no not my arm!! All im worried about is everyone seeing a big tatoo on my wedding day - by the way im not even engaged!!


weighs a lot less
well done on your loss ally,i lost 4lbs too,and the tat is a good idea i had a new one when i lost 2 stone a lovely lily on my shoulder xx


Says it as it is!!!
Ill try post a pic of it later, but it might be deemed inapporiate like my michael jackson pic yesterday and be REMOVED hee hee its very low down a little bit of it is on my :whistle:
:eek: well you can only try!!!...what was wrong with michael?


Silver Member
I think its cos he was saying i will rape you someone didnt like it anyway!!!!

Nic i cant figure this out at all


Says it as it is!!!
bugger... you could put it in your avatar for a wee while hun xx
Well done 4lbs a great loss and well done for sticking at it .
Ihave got a wii fit for my daughters birthday can't wait to try it , its not her b/day 'til 20th may.
I love tats so muchhhh I have a unicorn that I got at 18 ummm....15 years ago I am mad to get a few more and a top of ear peircing I keep puting it off till I lose a bit more weight I want to get the unicorn covered with something fresh and then get something done on my wrist although I have short hair and I saw new Rhianna video and she has cool stars on the back of neck looks cool with her new short hair. Did I just compare some part of my body to Rhianna jesus I am getting an ego!!!!!!!

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